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April 09 2012

Joss Whedon talks about Fran Kranz, Amy Acker and Tom Lenk. They're appearing in The Cabin in the Woods (and Much Ado About Nothing). SyFy UK also has another clip of Joss talking about horror cliches.

I'm sorry that the word is out that Tom Lenk is in this. When I saw an advance screening, the audience laughed in delight when he shows up. It was such a nice surprise.
I am getting more excited every time I hear more about Much Ado. I know it isn't edited yet but has there been word about when we can hope to see it? There is so much Jossian goodness this year, I can't keep track of it all.
Everybody is saying this year for Much Ado release, but I seriously doubt that will happen. It's like the Doctor Horrible 2 being shot in the summer thing - nobody actually said it, it has just ended up being recycled.

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I'm sorry that the word is out that Tom Lenk is in this.

Well to be fair, Tom did tweet about it at the time and his casting did make the trades.
I think it could probably screen this year. Release is another matter entirely.
Did it? I missed that (obviously) and so did everyone I talked with after the movie. Well, it was just one added bit of enjoyment in any case.
And Gossi, your post is missing a crucial word or two...
Ha. Yes, good point.
I knew Tom Lenk was in it but it was still a fun surprise when he appeared. I didn't know who he played, and it was a perfect role for him. There was a definite audience reaction at that moment, it wasn't just me. The screening I went to had a lot of cheering in general actually. Lots of it for Fran Kranz's character.

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