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April 09 2012

Cliff Chiang's "Joss Whedon: The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth" art for GQ Magazine. The Whedon themed issue is for this May.

Great picture; however, I am far more exited for a Whedon themed issue. I know what I will be buying in May :)
I love it! Definitely becoming my iphone wallpaper.
any details released regarding the issue yet? release date etc? Needs it... :P
Love how Cap's shield is Joss' ear! Nice touch! :D
'Stop calling me a geek...and how much of the earth do I get?" --Joss

This is great but I'd love to see Jo Chen's version of this piece.
Cool. But Spike instead of Angel? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big Angel fan, but a huge Spike fan, I'm just making a comment about the artistic choice. As popular and awesome a character Spike is, he didn't get his own show.

But I would still really love to have this one my wall. Not the usual style I prefer, but it's the kind of print I would expect to see on a cool persons wall.
That's supposed to be Echo behind Buffy right? That's the only one I wasn't sure of. That being said, I like the art, its nice!
Interesting how:

The Hulk & co. is in Joss's brain,
Spike is in his oral cavity,
Buffy is in his vocal cords,
Echo is in Joss's back bone,
and Serenity/Firefly is as close to the heart as one can get in a bust composition.

Or maybe it is only to me. ;-)

(Not sure what ,if any, significance there could be to DH being located in the brainstem .)
"As popular and awesome a character Spike is, he didn't get his own show."

But if he had? Six seasons and a movie! ;)
@Five Horizons. I would not be suprised. Not at all.

I was so happy when we almost got that ongoing Spike comic book series and so bummed when Dark Horse took the license back. We still get Spike, but not as much as could have been.
Cliff Chiang explains why Spike was picked instead of Angel in the comments.

Thanks, Caroline! I initially considered Angel, but Spike is much more visually recognizable, with the platinum blond hair, especially in vampire face mode.

If you're interested in buying a print, please email me at infoATcliffchiangDOTcom and I can send you more details.

I've been loving his work as artist on the New 52 Wonder Woman relaunch.
That was a fast reply. I'm seriously tempted to buy that print. But I'm in the middle of selling of my collection for travel money, so this would feel like taking a step back. But it's so pretty.

I guess it won't hurt to ask him how much it would be.
It's nice. No X-Men though. Sadface.
The answer:

"Art prints are available for $40. Each is printed with archival ink on heavyweight 13x19 art paper with custom embossing. Items are shipped via USPS Priority. Shipping and handling is a flat $10 within the continental US."

Probably worth every cent, but I don't have that right now. I'm going to post it in different places though, in case any other fans have the money.
Great piece of art with one niggle. Shame he couldn't squeeze Angel in there, even if he thought Spike was more easily recognised.

I'm sure Joss fans would have worked it out. And I'm a fan of both the characters.
@Sunfire: I thought the exact same thing. Need some Kitty Pryde in there
This will be my iPad wallpaper forever! Wow, such an amazing art. If I was in the US, I'd definitely buy one of these.
Cool, I had no idea there would be a Joss issue for GQ! Is this for the UK magazine or the US?
@under rug swept He does ship outside the US but didn't know how much it would cost.
It's impossible not to miss Angel, I don't think Angel would be unrecognizable in a Whedon themed work like this. Saw it right after Chiang posted on Twitter. Bloody hell, that's epic.
I love Cliff Chiang. Part of me wishes it was just Joss's own creations and not the Avengers, but I understand the commercial reasons why he had to do that. And therefore I'm glad that it's an Iron Man circle that forms his eye... and definitely not a triangle...
@daylight I'm curious, what's the meaning of the circle and the triangle?
No Angel=No good.

Why not include Spike AND Angel? Not one character from AtS. Very poor.
@Skytteflickan88 thought someone might ask about that...

Joss talks about the Iron Man suit
faith in Angel - well, Spike was a character from AtS. As much as Angel was, in fact.

[ edited by daylight on 2012-04-09 23:30 ]

Interesting vid. I love how his accent, accidentally or not, mimics the interviewer's for a few sentences and then turn american. I do that when hearing different accents too. I could probably accidentally speak three different accents in one sentence, none of them well.

I grant you he was a late cast member, but "as much as Angel was"? Hardly.

Angel has the most canonical appearances in the Buffyverse of any character. He was the lead of one of Whedon's shows. He should be there.

And please don't think that I'm saying that Spike shouldn't be there. Of course he should. But Angel should be too.
Definitely a good point. Angel has appeared in 167 episodes of the Buffyverse which is more than any other character-- including Buffy herself.
Those of you who might be interested in buying a copy - you can get an entire year subscription at Amazon for around $19 dollars - not much more than you would pay for one issue.

Irrespective of individual fan preferences - I believe that Spike and Buffy have now become the iconic and two most popular characters for the Buffyverse.

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I think in terms of press, due to the fact Angel actually had his own show, people would associate Buffy with Angel. You would only know Spike if you watched the shows. And I don't much care for either of them!
I mean in terms of Angel being "from" AtS. He was introduced on Buffy, just like Spike was, and was a regular on Angel, just like Spike was.
Regarding tha amazon subscription, if you mean the digital one, nmcil, beware that the magazines you subscribe too might disappear from your Kindle as soon as the subscription ends. I think that's how it works, unless you buy single issues. You just rent the magazines.
Seems like the image is down:


Well... it looks like I posted the Joss piece a little early. Itíll go back up in a week or 2 once the GQ issue is on stands. But thanks to everyone for all the notes, reblogs, and excitement!

It's still on whedonesqued.tumblr, though -- and just to mention this, I also think it's absolutely brilliant!

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