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April 09 2012

Win Some Cool Cabin in the Woods Swag! Prizes include a T-Shirt, a Signed Poster, and other goodies.

And I'll write the mandatory "Argh, it's only for US citizens!!!" comment.
Oh I'm all over that. I picked Repulsion as my horror favorite, would be curious to see what any other entrants chose.
I was looking forward to trying to figure out and explain why I like 'House on haunted hill'(other than that it has a scene with Masters in it). If anyone hasn't seen it, you should. Not the most terrifying movie, or most moving, but it's just something about it that makes me watch it over and over again. Maybe because I'm not actually into horror movies and after one re-watch it's actually hard to be scared again.
Drew mentioned at Q&A that they had made bongs for merch for the movie but Lionsgate didn't want them to give them out. Oh how desperately I want one!
Never done anything like this before, but I felt compelled. Could be because I should be studying. I did mine on The Descent, which will probably look conventional compared to other choices but oh well. I like it!
Oh wow. The promotional bongs do exist. That's magical.
I must have that bong! Sadly "US residents only" stops my happyness right there. Also the novelization/tie-in books look cool too, must pick them up when they get released!
Me wants the Devo Bong. How hilarious.

I did "The Exorcist" - despite a lifetime of moving-viewing, I've never been more frightened by a film than I was during the bureau-drawers-move-by-themselves and playing-the-tape-backwards scenes.

Eww. I can freak myself out just thinking about it now. Can't watch it alone, even at my Grand Old Age of 56.

I may have to go wake Mr. QuoterGal up now.

Acck. "Tubular Bells."

(Seeing "Cabin in the Woods" tomorrow night in L.A. Excitedly anticipating...)

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