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April 09 2012

Dichen Lachman, Eliza Dushku and Felicia Day attending convention in London. May 11-13 weekend. And for geek bonus points half the cast of The Guild will be there.

Shame Morena cancelled but bonus that Dichen is coming :)
Looks cool, bit pricey though. I'm hoping for some Whedon alumni at this year's Kapow convention in London. I heard EVERYONE from a major Superhero movie of 2012 is attending, but which film hasn't been announced yet. Fingers crossed for Avengers (although seeing as it takes place post-release, it might be unlikely). This year's London Film and Comic Con is also shaping up nicely with Anthony Head and Jewel Staite announced.
If you take into account though that it's three days of entertainment, and all your autographs are included, then it isn't that pricey. Those autographs alone would cost around 140 at an event like LFCC. Hope you'll consider coming along.
This is true, but I'm already a little stacked with cons, and what with it being all throughout exam period, I really have to watch myself. Maybe next time.
I've done a few of these over the last few years - they're genuinely fun events. Due to the size (it's normally a few hundred people) it's much more laid back than things like Comic-Con. And everybody is one hotel.

The last one I did was a Dollhouse thing a year ago - my lasting memory is Fran Kranz buying everybody a drink in the bar and toasting to Cabin in the Woods being released. At the time it was with MGM so he was being hopeful. Comes out Friday.
I'm going (yay)! I've been to two of these events over the last year and they have been great.
Want to go, but have a 3 month year old! ARGH!
I've been doing these events for 8 years now, Inva2ion will be my 18th Starfury, and I've loved every single minute of it.

I can really recommend this to anyone out there. Whether you have friends to go with you or you are braving it on your own, it won't take long before you've made friends for life :)

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