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April 09 2012

Help Buffy slay Supernatural. Buffy is in the final round of the Ultimate Fan Battle against Supernatural.

Okay, we're going to need a full, wide-spread Whedonesque movement to win this one. Whedonites: ASSEMBLE!
This is the poll that just wont die.
We're winning!
I'm so happy that Buffy and Supernatural made it to the final. I love both shows but the vote has to go to Buffy...looks like it's going to be a close one though!
Well, that wildcard round that put Kristen Stewart and Glee back in the running turned out to be the waste of time I predicted, although as the point of the extra round was no doubt just about generating more page hits, I'm sure it served its purpose.

I'm going to have to politely refuse to vote this time around. There's no way that I can choose between these two shows. Love them both equally. Either one is a deserving winner so I'll keep my fingers crossed for them both, even if that kinda defeats the point of doing it for either...
I liked what little I've seen of Supernatural (Caught some reruns summer before last, decided to watch the rest of that season, then gave up when this new season started; Grimm was just better, imo.) but I LOVE Buffy. No other show has moved me as much as that one, no other show has inspired me to research and write as much as that one.

So looks like I'm gonna have to vote. Unless it requires me to register. Then I'll just vote in my head.
But they're both fantastic shows! This season of SUPERNATURAL has been rough, but the previous seasons were all pretty great (though a bit uneven- the same can be said about Buffy to an extent).
I have to say thinking back, I invested more time in discussing Buffy than I do now with Supernatural. Buffy had more impact so that's where my vote goes.
If they hadn't squandered what could have been a very interesting story arc right at the start of this season, my decision might have been a bit tougher to make. As it stands, though, Buffy wasn't that hard of a choice.
We're losing!
Those 2 pictures, Dean looking at Buffy, made me uncharacteristically want Buffy to show up on Supernatural.
Oh no, Supernatural has taken the lead!
I just voted again, and Buffy's back in the (slim) lead.
Keep voting and thinking crossover-y thoughts.

*Cas meeting Spike and Angel* Ah, the comedy/angst.

Sam and Willow nerding out and Giles and Bobby with their old men grumble and badass wisdom.

Dean would totally call out Buffy, just to see what she can do - while secretly enjoying exchanging geeky Trek references with Xander.

I want a tie! X_X
Mirage LOL! Angel and Cas could have a brood-off! "I'm Angel." "So am I." "What?" "What?" "My name is Angel." "Oh. I thought you said...never mind."

Giles pulls out a book and plops it on the table, Bobby pulls out another one and plops it on top of Giles' book, Giles pulls out another and plops it on top of Bobby's, Bobby pulls his out from under and plops it on top, glaring at Giles...
I voted for Buffy, but if I was in a different mood I might have gone for Supernatural. That's definitely not an easy choice.
Go Supernatural!
I think Supernatural owes too much to Buffy for this to be any real contest. Go Buffy! (And rather glad that misguided wildcard round didn't affect anything.)
ShadowQuest, wouldn't Cas be able to know if someone was an angel? I think my version will go something like this:
"I'm Angel" "No you're not" (oh man the facial expressions) "What?" "What?" "I AM Angel" "No, I'm an angel, you're a human-demon hybrid" "Oh! No, I'm... My name is Angel" "Oh. Well that's stupid"

Man, all the possibilities of a full on cross over... I'm going to have some amusing thoughts today.
DreamRose311 Well, yeah, he could, but if he's distracted he might not pick up on it right away.

Can you just hear Cas, Angel & Spike arguing about death and souls?

"I'm an angel." Spike snorts. "Yeah, right." "I am a higher being."
Buffy is losing again, I think the Supernatural fans are organizing!
come on buffy fans, 2% difference GO BUFFY!!
@Mirage -- please write that fic, where Cas meets Angel and Spike. But please include Gabriel. Pretty please. And maybe Lucifer. ..

Ok, yeah, maybe NOT Buffy, could she would stake first, ask later.


Love my Winchesters and their Angels and Devils, BUT nothing beats my Buffy. Yeah Buffy.
Yikes, 49.9% Buffy, 50.1% Supernatural.
It has flipped over again (slightly): Buffy at 50.4% and Supernatural at 49.9%.... but I'm not sure our interest will last once this post drops off the front page! ;)
Its very close. There must be so much overlap between these fandoms :)I love both shows so much I kinda don't want to vote.
I wonder if it would be okay to post this again tomorrow so that people can see it and remember to keep voting :D
Stop posting new stuff so it won't drop off the page! We don't need more "Cabin in the Woods" or "Avengers" news! ;-)
krissyjump, maybe if we post it as a day 2 of the final round, sort of thing?
I wonder if it would be okay to post this again tomorrow so that people can see it and remember to keep voting :D

Eh no. This entry is more than enough.
hann23, Gabriel *teary* hopefully now that Jeremy Carver is on as co-showrunner he will bring him back. Cas needs a bro of his own and Baltazar always seemed like a poor replacement to me (also, Bal had a lost potential in iffy S6 where he could've been the angel Crowley)

I haven't written a fic in a LONG time and only one completed crossover...*is really tempted though*

Buffy back in the lead! Barely. Close race.

ETA, now they're tied!

[ edited by Mirage on 2012-04-10 07:49 ]
Wow, it is exactly bang on 50/50 right now!
I do enjoy Supernatural, and Bobby's recent events made me a bit teary, but as a woman who is a fan of sci-fi, Buffy has to be it. I can't get too far into the dude-dom - even though they sometimes get weepy - that is at the heart of Supernatural. That said, both shows have had some spectacular snappy dialogue.
I keep voting, and the results don't come up. It's a constant loop.
Currently 52/48 in Supernatural's favour.
53 - 46, Supernatural.

C'mon, Team Whedon!

Jaymii Are you hitting "enter" after typing the code word? (I just had "female" when I voted. Ha!) If you click "enter" you'll get the results, but not if you just hit "enter."
Jaymii, that was happening to me too. It was because I was hitting Enter instead of clicking the Vote button.

Yikes Buffy is down to 45. That's the lowest it's been yet. :(
@mirage as soon as I saw that sera gamble stepped down, my hopes for Gabriel shot way up too!

My feminists side just won't allow me to vote for the bros.
Yikes. I cannot participate in this one. Though my love for Buffy has a slight edge, my heart will never let me vote against Dean Winchester.
Damn, I hate to say it, but I think we lost. Buffy is about to hit a low of 43%. I don't see it recovering from that, barring some unexpected crazy vote push :(
Oh dear, Buffy is going down hard... she got past The Beatles and Star Wars(!), but she is going down to Supernatural. *sigh*
It's not budging. The last three times I've voted it's still at SPN 55%, Buffy @43%.

That's funky.
Hmm, either the poll results were a little wonky when you were voting or I have to question your math there, ShadowQuest! ;)

Just voted! Decided to go with my heart and give my support to the show that gives me the most enjoyment right now. Sorry guys, that had to be Supernatural. The current divide is 56.5% to the Winchesters with Buffy at 43.5%. I'd have to say that The boys have this now.
With all that's going on in the world of Whedon right now Buffy should be breezing through this. Rock the vote! Nothing against Supernatural but I want to see Buffy take this.
Five Horizons That's what it's been at the last several times I voted. 56.5% and 43.5%. It hasn't budged.

And, yeah, I was rounding when I posted; went the wrong way on SPN, obviously. Still, it's been stuck at the same percentage for a while now. The fix is in!

Ok. Just voted, and it's 56.9% and 43.1%. And, as always, I voted for Buffy. How does her percentage go down when I just voted for her?
Well, we are talking two seriously dedicated fandoms here, ShadowQuest. I can only imagine that the voting for this round alone has already gone into the tens of thousands, given that people are allowed to vote as often as they like. By this point it's going to take a serious amount of individual votes to make the results go up or down by even 0.1% and if more people are voting Supernatural whilst you are voting Buffy, her percentage will still go down, regardless of your votes.
Not much chance of winning this one for Buffy now... Still, it's quite impressive for a TV show that ended so many years ago to go to the final in a battle of "fandoms for everything". Supernatural is still being shown on TV, so not so surprising if there are a slightly higher number of active fans (plus they will be young people cheerfully voting over and over again, unlike olders like me, won't they?). Personally, I'd be surprised if Supernatural has a very active fandom seven years after the show has ended. But I could be wrong,since I'm already surprised that there are so many rabid fans for a show that is good fun to watch but IMHO not much more. And yes, I have seen all episodes, despite it taking five seasons to get to something like a strong continuity between episodes, and I still can't watch two in a row...

[ edited by OldSwede on 2012-04-12 06:24 ]
To be honest, I like Supernatural, it's my new obsession fic wise. But, I didn't really get into it until after S5. I stopped watching when the angel plot started, then marathoned through season four to early five and was drawn by the potential of Castiel and the boys having some stable character to develop with (I'm a viewer who invests in an ensemble more than a couple, more room for growth and/or plot bunnies - both in viewing and in ficcing).

It's a fun show but I can't really see me rewatching it all again and again like Buffy (certain episodes, yeah, and there are a bunch of pretty rewatchable episodes but whole seasons, nope.)

Nevertheless, we are talking Fan battle - and while we here at the Whedonverse are a dedicated bunch, SPNs have a little more on the line now as they are fighting to give their show/cast more exposure (especially after the PCA fiasco) and get renewed for a new season, so vote parties are a very common thing.

Still, I vote for Buffy!
"Personally, I'd be surprised if Supernatural has a very active fandom seven years after the show has ended. But I could be wrong,since I'm already surprised that there are so many rabid fans for a show that is good fun to watch but IMHO not much more."

I guess it all comes down to perspective. As much as I love Buffy (and I've watched the show at least twice again all the way through since it ended) I find the Supernatural story to be a lot more relatable and therefore a lot easier for me to watch again and again. For all the monsters, demons and angels they deal with, the Winchesters are a great deal more human than pretty much any character on Buffy. Dean in particular. There are maybe three or four characters in all of televisiondom that I can honestly say act just like I would in a certain situation, and Dean is one of them. For good or for bad, Dean is pretty much me. The closest Buffy had to that being the case was Spike, and as much as his attitude was similar to mine, the fact that he was an immortal vampire meant that you could never truly get into his head and relate. Dean hunts monsters and demons but beyond that he's sarcastic, likes classic rock music and real cars and loves women and alcohol perhaps a little too much. Again, me, but with demons. As such, I get him all too well and connect to the show on a much greater level than I ever could Buffy.

As for Supernatural having an active fandom seven years after it ends, you might be surprised. The fans of this show are actually more passionate and, dare I say it, obsessive than I recall Buffy fans ever being when it was on television. Truthfully, I'm not so sure that you could even argue that the Buffy fanbase specifically is all that strong at this point. I'd say that the majority of the people that once adored the show have moved on now, most of them not even knowing that the comics exist. Only a small percentage of those that do are still following them. My bet would be that the majority of people still coming here are fans of Joss, rather than still being active fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And that isn't meant as an insult to BtVS at all. I still love the show and will never hear a bad word said about it. I just think that there is a difference between Joss still being popular and Buffy still being as massive as it once was.

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