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April 09 2012

The Cabin In The Woods is "fresh", has 94% positive reviews from 31 sources. So say Rotten Tomatoes. That currently places it in their top 50 reviewed horror movies of all time.

I have a lot of friends who check Rotten Tomatoes first, before deciding to see a movie, so this is great. Of course the REAL test is if the % goes down after the first weekend (I'm sure it won't for CitW, but I've seen it happen to a lot of movies).

I'm just hoping I can go to a matinee on Friday!
It's running a 70 out of 100 over at Metacritic (which is a pretty good number for the way that site calculates their averages):
It has dropped down to 93% and out of the top 50 now.
aapac, they haven't added the reviews yet the tweet refers to (31 reviews).
Sleuth is a horror movie? How? And The Red Riding Trilogy? Something not quite right here.
Depends how you look at it I suppose. I might think it's closer to a thriller but the line between thriller and horror can be blurry I suppose when mindgames are involved. But Misery, Pan's Labyrinth, and Young Frankenstein are on that list as well. And I consider Aliens at #2 less of a horror film (I consider it more action/sci fi) than the original Alien which doesn't make the list. Jaws is also noticeably absent for me which is odd since it has one of the more iconic jump scares of all time.
I had read comments at the bottom of the page from someone who said they knew how to lower the percentage, I'm guessing we have some guys who aren't Whedon fans (or who just like to mess with the percentages).
embers, those comments at the bottom of the page (assuming we're looking at the same thing) are quotes from the CitW trailer.
And rightfully so! I cannot wait for you guys to see it! I will be checking it out again on Friday :D
This isn't entirely on-topic, but I've been meaning to bring it up: I know all us die-hard Whedon fans are going to see Cabin en masse, but has anyone else heard from casual fans who have been put off by the way the movie's been marketed? Four close friends/family members of mine, all of whom greatly enjoy multiple Joss shows, have next to no interest in Cabin. One even said it looked like Saw, which is ironic given Joss and Drew's feelings about that type of horror and what they intend to say with this film.
UnpluggedCrazy, the trailers make it seem like any other basic horror movie. Word of mouth is what will bring people in who are looking for that something extra. At least that's what I think their intentions were.

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The reviews at Rotten Tomatoes make it very clear that it is NOT 'Saw' (a little closer to 'Scream'), but personally I have to see for myself, before the spoilers are rampant.
UnpluggedCrazy I also know a few people who have basically told me that they are not going to consider seeing it at the cinema because it is a horror film. The trailer accentuates the horror aspects of the film, which will inevitably put some people off.

It will hopefully draw new people too though.
It is still a horror movie, even with the humor and meta-ness. I expect some Whedon fans will avoid it just because of that.
Yeah, It's sad to say, but I am one of the horror avoiders. I wonder if I could read the book? Possibly I could make it through the eventual DVD, since I would have control of the pause button and the blanket.
It'll be really hard for me to watch a horror movie in the theatre as well. Not because of the gore, I can sit through anything. It's the tension I can't stand, when you know something will come and freak you out and you just wait for it to happen but you can't be sure when it'll come... Ugh. I'm getting stressed even thinking about it. But it's Joss (and Drew), so I can't miss it. It's a shame I have to wait two more weeks for it to be released here.
Now it's at 89% with 4 negative reviews. Two of which bash us "fanboys" in their blurb. Ugh, I hate when critics who don't like a film feel the need to take potshots at the film's intended audience.
The Rex Reed review is bizarre, as if he missed a big chunk of the movie. I can understand not liking it (though I loved it), but he seemed to not understand the plot.
Wow. The Rex Reed one reveals the entire plot. I never read him. Is he always this...patronizing? Mean? There's no reason to reveal everything in his review except to be aggressively mean. And it's one thing not to like/get a movie, it's quite another to dismiss anyone who does as being culturally unknowledgeable and an idiot for liking what you don't.

"This is a first-time effort for director Drew Goddard, who developed a loud camp following by indulging his wacko imagination as producer and writer of numerous TV episodes of Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

I get the feeling Rex Reed doesn't like or didn't watch either one. "...indulging his wacko imagination..."? That is really harsh. Since when is imagination a bad thing? Since when is being different and putting your different art out there wrong? I don't think I would like this man. I certainly don't like the way he reviews.

And I LOATHE the "High Art vs. Low Art" crap.


The two in common problems all the negative reviews have with the movie, is that the
reviewers do not like meta and they didn't connect on an emotional level with the characters. The first issue is a matter of aesthetic taste and dismissible IMO, the second...well, that would be Joss and Drew's fault. Not sure how true it is. Haven't seen it.

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