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April 10 2012

Fran Kranz discusses Much Ado About Nothing. Fran says that while he hasn't seen it, he trusts in Joss and thinks it's going to be awesome.

I would love to have been an extra. Been doing ren faires for years. To inhale that atmosphere would have been wonderful.
Fran's "a longtime veteran of Joss Whedon projects"? Dollhouse doesn't seem like that long a time ago.
I was just getting ready to say the exact same thing GreatMuppetyOdin! Interviewers and Hollywood Reporters seem to think that three years is a long time; is that because everyone in California has a short memory? It is strange. But of course I give huge props to Fran Kranz who is an official Whedon Hat Trick now (a small and honored club).

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