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April 10 2012

Pop Candy interviews Joss in advance of his live Q&A this afternoon on Reddit. He addresses the all important Buffy vs. Black Widow question, among others.

That last answer might be the best thing I've ever seen Joss say in an interview.
Seconding that! That was everything I love about Buffy boiled down into one paragraph.
Yeah, he breaks it down! Almost like peeking into a writer's room meeting, that was fun.
Wow, if he did produce that comment on the fly... Awesome. Crossover between Avengers and Buffy now!
Oh I loved the Buffy/Black Widow smack down! That was hilarious! I'll definitely be home to catch Joss on!
I. Love. This. Man. So. Much.
And yay! Go Buffy! :D
Amazing!!! He's a genius!

So, how does this reddit interview work??? How can I ask a question?

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