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April 10 2012

Bid on things that are not dinner with Joss Whedon, to benefit Equality Now. Two opportunities to be the winning bids on dinner with Joss this summer. Also a chance to win tickets to the NY premiere of Avengers. Dinner auctions close on May 1, Avengers on April 20.

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Mine is still the only bid. I bid early because I know I cannot afford to bid often (I never can afford to win these things, but bidding makes me feel like it could happen).
Putting in my bid... to be one of the two accompanying friends of whoever wins.
Boy, how I'd love to be able to do this. Unlike everyone else here, I'm sure.
I'm surprised the dinners with him are valued at $2,500. I seem to remember the winning bids on the group dinner during one of the previous year's SDCC, far far higher than that. Come on Lotto! (it's the only way I can bid)
The last dinner with Joss went for around $10k! To bad they don't use a lottery system that would raise more money but give the poorer peeps a shot.
How I wish I could afford this. Still planning on throwing some money to the charity once I get paid, but man I just can't stop thinking about how much of a dream come true it would be to have dinner with The Joss.
The price is going to go so high, I can't even dream!

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The only thing better than dinner with Joss Whedon would be dinner with Joss and Mark Ruffalo, who is very sweet (see Joss' answers from today) and has written to me at Twitter several times in answer to some stuff I've asked or commented on. I think Mark found out the hard way though the time suck that particular social media can be so he's cut way down on his presence there. His activism re fracking is borne out of, mostly, being a father, and I find that so apropos of what Joss cares about. I would probably talk more about Equality Now and other venues than pop culture were I lucky enough to have the funds to bid.
Honestly, I think I'd be too nervous to sit down to dinner with Joss Whedon. The uncomfortable silences I'm imaging in my head now when I think about it are making me cringe! Not that I have the funds to bid on a breakfast with a cardboard cutout of him.... But yeah, I don't understand why they don't do a raffle like contest for something like this as well. Deep pockets are pretty rare these days. But a little extra cash from many many hopefuls...? Plenty of that. :/

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How much did that other dinner with him go for a couple years back? Also, will he be at the NYC premiere and will other cast members? I love auctions, though I tend to get carried away with them.
I'm afraid my dinner with Joss would turn out like the Chris Farley Show. "Do you remember that time when Faith killed that guy at the airport with a briefcase chained to his wrist and this vampire was all like 'that knife won't cut steel' and Faith was like 'yeah, but it'll cut bone'? ... That was awesome. Sorry, that was a stupid question! I'm really not good at this. Stupid!"
I just bid up the NYC dinner to $2,300. I was bidding against Valentyn, who I think is a member of Whedonesque. But I doubt I can go high enough. So far, the London dinner is going for much less.
The big group dinner that Joss auctioned in 2007 to raise money for Equality Now raised almost $62K - a goodly sum.

I still kinda wish they'd been able to do a raffle this time, as was brought up last auction - a bigger logistical/organizational project, to be sure, and possibly not at all cost-effective - but still, it would have been nice if we plebes had a shot at My Dinner With Joss.

Whedon'verse roundabout trivia: You might remember that author Suzanne Brockmann won/bought two of those dinner-seats in 2007, but what you may not know is that she was one of the writers/producers - and actors - on the indie film The Perfect Wedding, which is Kristine Sutherland's latest project. (WHEDONesque recently linked to an article about Kristine by the film's E.P. & writer, Ed Gaffney.)

There. All roads lead back to WHEDONesque.

I'm not allowed to bid in any Whedon-y auctions anymore after we went nuts in 2007 at the SoCal Browncoats CSTS & spent more than we could afford on a cool set of signed Serenity blueprints. It was waaay worth it, and in a good cause, but we both now keep our hands firmly at our sides and get excited vicariously for the winners, whoever they may be. This would be a very cool dinner to attend, and I'd love to go for it, but: no. We cannae. We mustnae. We shallnae. ; ]

But I will be very happy for you if you win.
Hi Suzie :)
Yeah, I think you broke me. I don't think I can go higher than that. But good luck to you!! It's for a good cause and just think how fun that dinner will be.
Damn, I so want to bid but there's no way I can afford it. Hella jealous of whoever does win.
Some random related-too-ness: anyone notice the Alien Resurrection alien egg at the bottom of the page? ;)
I bid on the previous dinner, but wouldn't go up to $10,000. Instead, I got a signed poster of Jo Chen's cover for the first issue of Season 8, and a signed copy of the hardcover Serenity: Those Left Behind. An associate asked me how I wanted to have it signed, and I jokingly said: "To [my full name], with my undying love and admiration." And Joss, who always seems to appreciate a good joke, signed it that way.

It would be great if I could find 2 other people who would band together with me to keep bidding. None of my Joss-loving friends have enough money.
Uh-Oh. Equality Now just posted on Facebook they have added new items. Pretty neat, swell items. :: puts lock on credit/debit cards ::
I was going to do a serious bid to win but 10K for a previous dinner?? Wow, more than I was expecting. This would be a heart stopping experience. Anyone interested in the London dinner to bid with me?
Man, would love to bid on the London one with you but I'm a poor student. I mean I could quit halfway through my masters, but should I? If I come into some money by the 1st May I'll let you know! (Might actually buy a lottery tickey)
This seems to have disappeared, has Joss finally run out of time?
Yeah, what the heck happened? They just got removed with no explanation? You'd think they'd at least send out an email to the bidders.
I emailed Charity Buzz and got this response.

"Unfortunately, we had to pull the Joss Whedon dinner's from the site, as the donor was no longer able to fulfill them. I apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment his decision may have caused. "

No great surprise really, how the man exists on 2 hours sleep is beyond me.

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