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April 10 2012

The Avengers "Isolated" tv spot. Worth watching just for Captain America's line at the end. In related coverage, 15 new stills from the movie have been released. One of them features Jenny Agutter.

Love how he was able to work "Hulk smash" in there.
can't seem to post at the moment, but there's a great new scene here:

some lines that we've seen before but all within context now. Cracking Stark/Loki face off.
whilst I'm at it, Empire Magazine's review of Cabin in the Woods here:
Is anyone else worried that this is going to disappoint? Joss has said the original cut was 3 hours and that he "took himself out of the equation" and now the film is 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Not really. The first cut was a rough draft, and you do realize that when he was making TV shows, he had an even more rigorous time standard to adhere to; each episode had to clock in at around 42 minutes, and only OMWF was allowed to run long.

The "took himself out of the equation" I think refers to how he took his ego out of the equation, not his essential self-ness. His self-ness is embedded in the DNA of the movie.
Yeah, it doesn't concern me in the slightest - makes me feel mighty curious though. I expect the finished product will be brilliant and that the deleted material is also brilliant...
That conversation between Loki and Stark? Pure Joss.
J.I.G. If you read the NY Times Q&A interview in one of the above threads you'll see the kind of thing Joss was talking about when he made that remark. It makes sense.

Not quite the same thing, but I remember him remarking about a one line cut from River (IIRC) in Serenity, which was a Reaver foreshadow, but no one could hear it after Jayne said "Let's be bad guys".

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