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April 11 2012

(SPOILER) Stark and Loki - an Avengers clip. A clip of the verbal confrontation between the two.

Hmmm what's up with the watch? This is the best clip to date.
I agree, Simon. The action and the superpowers are cool and everything, but it's the words I want to hear. And these are some damn good ones.
Also a fantastic performance by Robert Downey Jr.
Epic. This and Cabin couldn't be better graduation presents. :)
How I love Tom Hiddleston.
I just watched The Deep Blue Sea this morning--very different from Deep Blue Sea minus the The--and Tom does great work opposite Rachel Weisz.
I LOVE Tom so much. He made the movie Thor in my opinion, and I'm SO glad he's the villain in this film!!! :D

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