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April 11 2012

(SPOILER) Buffyfest talks to Scott Allie about Buffy #8. They talk about Buffy's current state, zompires, hint at what's to come in the future in regards to Xander and zompires (not necessarily related), and two minis to come (no titles, but deets will be forthcoming at C2E2).

So the Dollhouse comparisons out there seems apt.It was intentional but wasn't in the original plans.As is the season 9 miniseries situations.Sounds like things are really in flux.So two miniseries will be announced for C2E2 but we'll probably hear about them tomorrow.One is being moved up most likely due to the Dru miniseries being shelved.The other isn't.I still think one of them is Willow since he mentions one of them features a character is doing stuff in both season 9 monthlies.
The Tumblr fandom has really come into its own with the comics, it's really fascinating stuff.
I'm thinking Dru being sane has to do with Dark Horse's decision to push it back.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think work started on the Dru mini series first and then Christos contacted Juliet and told her that he planned to make Dru sane. They worked it out and Juliet made it work. Then as this past arc of angel and faith panned out, someone realized it would be a great idea for SaneDru to crossover to Buffy because her interaction with Spike would be completely different now that he's ensouled and she's sane.....

Allie did mention that things changed, stories changed, etc. I have a gut feeling that this is what it is.

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