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April 11 2012

The Lost and Unsung Joss Whedon Projects. The Playlist's Drew Taylor looks back on both the lost/forgotten and under-appreciated projects of our Jossir.

nice read, although I already knew about most of it. I did seem to have misunderstood the 'Alien' fiasco a bit tho
Yeah but what about the animated Dracula musical and the second Buffy movie that was supposed to come out in '99 (or thereabouts).
“Serenity” looks more like a television episode than actual episodes of “Firefly”

Had to read that a couple of times and I'm still not sure I understand what he meant (or agree with it...)
Whoa. I hadn't heard of one of these!

(Marco Polo.)
I so want to read that "Afterlife" script.
That one is out there on script sites. So is Suspension.
Afterlife and Suspension are both fantastic. Afterlife is the more "heady" of the two, but I actually slightly prefer Suspension, even though its story is far more derivative.

Such a shame neither got made, though they certainly opened a lot of doors (and coffers) for Joss. I have both in PDF if anyone wants a copy.
Suspension is kind of crazy (I laughed out loud at one particular stunt), but I thought it had too many characters in play. Maybe that would have worked better on screen than it did for me on the page.
Avengers work out, b!X.
What, no mention of his Veronica Mars cameo?
Part of Afterlife reminds me a lot of the sadly-not-on-DVD TV series Now and Again, or more likely, vice versa. Even the bad guy's name, Snowman vs. Eggman.
Ah, yes, this reminds me I still need to read those scripts - I hate reading on my screen, so I haven't yet, but I am really looking forward to finding out more about both Afterlife and Suspension.

This is an otherwise very nice article, but it does suck to see the whole 'Serentity looks like a television episode'-thing pop up again, in a throwaway line, like it's some kind of established fact (not needing any arguments to back it up) or critical concensus.

Because, people, it really doesn't look like Firefly did. It has more inventive shots, the action is framed very nicely (and differently from the show) and overall it looks great. I'm not saying Firefly looks bad - for a television show, where there's limited time to film the scenes and frame shots, it looks stunning. But Serenity looks better. In my opinion it should be blatantly obvious it looks a lot more cinematic than the show ever did to anyone who has spent some time watching both.

Now, this doesn't mean that Serenity is some kind of directorial masterpiece. Could it have looked better? Probably, yeah. Are there better shot movies out there? Sure. (Just take a look at Children of Men for one of the best shot sci-fi movies of recent years).

But for all that, it doesn't look like a television episode. And if it does, it looks like a great-looking one. Plus: it's not like there isn't any well directed, cinematic looking television out there, so I'm not sure what 'looks like a television episode' actually means, anyway.

I really feel that the only reason people tend to say Serenity looks like a tv-episode is because it's a movie born from a television show, by a director whose previous work was mostly on television. I'm pretty sure that if Serenity had been a sci-fi movie made by a first time movie director with no links to television whatsoever, you'd have heard nobody mentioning how the movie looked like a television episode.

So: it's all a bunch of nonsense, period ;)

[/end rant]

But, anyway, other than that: this was a fun read :).

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