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April 11 2012

Joss Whedon's Total Film social media interview. Total Film fires off a series of fan-submitted questions to Joss on everything from "The Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers" and much more.

Oh my cheesus.. All the Joss interviews today are making me geekasm too much. Anyways loving the fact that Wastelanders is getting finally made. We we so exicatied so exicatied (and it's not even friday).
I don't think it's been written yet.

Anyhoo, read this interview; it's great.
Warren Ellis just tweeted about Wastelanders writing happening next month.
"Lula Madison wonders if there will there be a post-credits sequence at the end of The Avengers.

Well she’ll have to sit through it won’t she? That means no walking out. Having said that, if you’ve paid for it – you may walk out."

What exactly does that last sentence mean? Does Joss not like the way its turned out or is he just joking around? Or am I completely misinterpreting?
Chris Oz, I think he's trying to say there won't be a post-credits sequence.

Oof on that Scarlett question. Oof. But otherwise, great stuff.
I took it that he just joking that once you've paid, they have your money and you can do whatever you want. He doesn't tell you whether there is a post-credit sequence or not.
It was a joke about free will.
What does Free Willy have to do with it?
Wow, he's pretty no holds bar there with talking about studio execs. I've never heard him to be so un-diplomatic.
Post-Dollhouse, Joss is no longer in the market to play with FOX and finally, he no longer has to be diplomatic. Thank heavens he and FOX are essentially broken up forever!

also: I am deeply amused that I essentially share his feelings, re: Twilight. Never read the books, but the first film is actually kinda lovely. The axis of the story turns on romance, but the relationship between Bella and her parents, especially her dad, is really important. There is some Buffy-like resonance in how she has a difficult but loving relationship with her dad, and how she risks her life in the end to save her mother's life.

The second movie was awful and I gave up on the franchise.
I just wish he and FX would have another lunch date together. Come on FX, call Joss up for that 2nd date!
I'm loving how open and... abundant Joss has been lately. He's the frikkin' energizer bunny and I cannot remember a time of such stunningly high Joss visibility and accessibility. And he's handling it all with such aplomb! Just the right mix of flip and serious answers, love and consideration to his actors (as always), and he still comes off as caring a WHOLE lot about both Cabin and Avengers, as well as ALL his work history. SO amazingly cheek-achingly happy for all his success!!

Is there a FuckYeah!JossWhedon! page yet??

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