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April 11 2012

The Avengers World Premiere - Watch the Live-Stream. Lost your ticket to tonight's world premiere of The Avengers? Don't worry, is live-streaming the events so you can watch the red carpet. It begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.

Too bad my connection appears to be crap this week. I'm having flashbacks to the days of dial-up.
Is this region locked by any chance?
Darkness, I don't know.
Actually it's a stream from Marvel, that many entertainment website are "distributing", ew being one of them.

Glad to report that there's no region lock.
How long has it been going? Has Joss been interviewed yet?
32 minutes into this as I post this. Nope, Joss have yet to appear, we've seen some cast and some very random interviews so far..
It's a little emotional watching this... in a way. For 2 years rooting for Joss, hoping this movie is going to be everything he wants it to be, for it to capture HUGE audiences... It feels so good to see so many people anticipating this like crazy. Feels like we're kind of all in it together. Like a bunch of fandoms just merging perfectly before our eyes.

I may also be a little drunk.
Ha, it just occurred to me that the Los Angeles premiere of Cabin was last night, and the LA/world premiere of Avengers is tonight. Joss is having a good week.
I've seen Joss in the press line (just a few heads away from Robert Downey, Jr) but they haven't interviewed him while I've been watching.... not on the air at any rate.
They did that earlier.
Wow, this is a heady week for Joss, isn't it?
I have happiness.
In case anyone is watching this not-live, as I am, Joss is interviewed from ~57:351:00:20.

He looks very happy!
"Josh Whedon, only the creator of Buffy the Vampire Hunter!" - Stan Lee
Gotta love that guy.
I know, I love Stan Lee's enthusiasm, though. It made me really happy to see Seth Green in the background while Joss was being interviewed.

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