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April 11 2012

EW suggests Whedon as Catching Fire replacement. Since Gary Ross has dropped out, Catching Fire is going to need someone who can handle a strong female character.

Guess who's good at those?

I'm sure Joss would do a great job & make mega mega bucks, but I'd so much rather see him do his own stories. On any sized screen.
Catching Fire is on such a short schedule he'd have pretty much no time to do anything much, if anything, post-Avengers.
Yes he just said in that Reddit AMA that he's been doing other people's characters for a couple years now... I can only hope that means we'll be getting Jossy goodness extraordinaire very soon. They expect to get a lot done on Horrible 2 this summer, f'rinstance! Yay!
Please no. I love the books but after the so-so adaptation of the first film, I think that getting the 2nd book right is well-nigh impossible because it's an even trickier book than the first one.

also: Wastelanders!
He also said on Reddit that he's fielding 5 movies. Since Gary Ross just dropped out, the chances any one of those 5 are Hunger Games is extremely slim.
I was kind of hoping he would since I'd trust him to do it right, but sadly he already nixed it. I definitely understand his reasons.

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Those 5 likely are Comic-Con IV, Cabin, Avengers, Much Ado, and In Your Eyes.
I've only just finished the first book and not seen the film yet, but I think Joss could do awesome things with this. If it gets him mega bucks that can enable him to do more of his own thing, so much the better.
Yes, yes, Joss! Go to the Insane-o place!
I'm really surprised that Gary Ross would 'drop out' after such a successful first movie. I would think that the studio could well afford to make it worth his while to do the second film!

But like everyone else here, I don't think Joss needs to jump into such a big demanding project. He still has a lot of work to do on his current projects.
I don't think it has anything to do with money. It has to do with the crazy insane shortened schedule because of Jennifer Lawrence's (first place) commitment to X-Men. If they would've pushed out the release date of Catching Fire all of this would have been avoided.
Karyn Kusama could direct the sequel to Hunger Games.
@The One True b!X - Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't read it like that (was thinking he meant fielding as in deciding between). Your explanation and my subsequent reading the definition of the word makes it make more sense.
What made The Hunger Games for me was the minimalist, almost 70s style directing. It wasn't glossy or blockbuster-generic. Also me made extremely weepy.
"Besides, Whedon has his self-financed adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing to finish — he’s writing the film’s score himself — and he’s long stated that his next project will be the web."

What? Isn't Jed scoring Much Ado? I know they announced a new song by him and Maurissa (which... I can't tell you how excited I am for that song alone, let alone the film). Jed makes wonderful music and Maurissa has wonderful vocals.
I thought they did a very good job with the Hunger Games and I seldom say that about movies whose books I loved. I could really see Joss doing a great job with this - I'd like to see him do a less Actiony movie but I agree. His comments make it clear that he wants to work on his own creations now.
As do I. Adapting a book to film must be a trying experience, but they did extremely well in this case, IMHO. As for, "Catching Fire", I'll say let the stones fall in place.
It's definitely the stupid shortened schedule. I'm pretty sick of studios trying to rush things. I feel like there have been many times where the standard wait for a sequel was three years. Hell, TDKR is 4 years after The Dark Knight. If this causes Catching Fire to lose quality like studio-rushing tends to do, I'm gonna be pretty ticked...

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