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April 11 2012

Early reactions to The Avengers. Critics in LA have seen, and have therefore tweeted. Screen Crush collects early short-form response.

Seth Green was overwhelmingly positive, as were a couple of critics (like IGN's Eric Goldman) I respect not listed here. I seriously can't wait.

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Josh Dickey of Variety: "My god Joss Whedon is going to be breathtakingly rich."
Many of those and couple extras on /Film as well.
I've read that there is an embargo on full reviews until May 2. But that surely only applies to US critics, as the movie will be released earlier elsewhere (April 25 here in France). I might try to translate part of those if people are interested.
Well, those reviews certainly sound nice [/understatement] :). Can't wait!
Excellent.Have tickets booked already.Unfortunately in 3D cos the cinema isn't showing 2D.
How relieved am I that there is general consensus that this movie rocks? VERY RELIEVED. I just want Joss to have all the nice things, y'know? ALL of them.
We all knew it for quite some time, the rest of the world is finally catching up. There may be hope for mankind after all!
Interesting to see that a few different people mention problems/nitpicks with the first half.

But yes, I'm very happy that everyone seems positive.
Yeah, I noticed the same thing, UnPluggedCrazy. I'm doing the delusional thing, and assuming that's a good thing, as Joss is likely to have a few (slower) character establishing moments in the first half of the movie, while the second half - one assumes - is more constant action. And given that this is mostly an action movie, that's bound to impress more.

Then again, the beginning could be suffering from actual problems. I don't know :).
Someone mentions seeing it would be better to see it in 2D rather than 3D. I've been wondering about this myself. As it wasn't shot in 3D, I would normally skip that. It's not exactly a film I would think might benefit from it. However, Joss said he kept the 3D in mind throughout production, so I'm torn. I'd expect I could enjoy it better in 2D, but if Joss built on 3D.... Opinions?
Post converted 3D is ass. It's a marketing excercise. People who are serious about it shoot the movie that way. Peter Jackson on The Hobbit, Jim Cameron on Avatar, Spielberg on Tin Tin. If post-conversion was worth anything, they would have saved themselves the cost and effort of shooting that way. The reality is, there is a BIG difference, and if Joss Whedon really believed in it he wouldn't have abandoned it after shooting the Thor tag.
I will probably see it in 3D once just to see what it's like, but I'm definitely seeing it in 2D first.

Thinking about the nitpicks with the first half, Serenity's kind of the same way. The nitpicks are relative, since it's my favorite movie, but there are things that bug me in the first half of Serenity--having seen it two dozen or so times--whereas I can find no fault with the second half whatsoever.
Sigfodr, the answer in simple... BOTH! :o)

I wanted to do 2D for the midnight showing and then 3D the next day... But the theater I got my midnight tickets for isn't showing it in 2D for the midnight showing.

I was reading the tweets without seeing who they were from until I got to the bottom. Read the last one and *then* saw that it was from Seth Green, and I squeed a bit...
@GVH: That's what I'm suspecting. Multiple characters from multiple movies, and Joss had to make it honest with what came before, accessible for newbies, and still match facs expectations. Tough nut to crack. I'll take a careful build-up with a great payoff over a wiz-bang start with a wet firecracker ending. (The first "Blade" pops into mind.)

Joss has mentioned more than once that the problem with the third act of some movies are the two acts that fail to motivate the third act.

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