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April 11 2012

(SPOILER) Entertainment Weekly Reviews "The Cabin in the Woods". EW's Lisa Schwarzbaum gives a mildly positive review to the film.

AV Club gave it an "A-" which I generally trust more than the EW critics:,72287/
Ebert liked it too, although his review is extremely spoilery.
Yeah, the AV Club review was fairly spot on the money for me.

Yowch to the comments on the EW piece, though - even though I do think the reviewer didn't quite connect with the film, people complaining that you shouldn't send an old reviewer to see a film for young people? Pffft.
Is the AV Club one spoiler-free if I've only seen the trailers?
Did slightly spoil the pre-credits/title sequence for me...
It's a little additionally spoilery, yeah. Won't spoil the final layers and reveals of the film but does give a bit more detail about its up-front set-up. (i.e. mostly the pre-credits stuff, as apollo11 said.)
She seems to be disappointed that the movie isn't an exploration of fear. I'd have to agree that it was way more fun than it was scary--but that's just fine with me. Loved it.

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