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April 12 2012

'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon on his creative setbacks. Joss talks about Firefly, Dollhouse, Alien: Resurrection, and other projects that didn't proceed as hoped. Includes some interesting tidbits about Dollhouse scripts that didn't go anywhere.

I am so excited for Wastelanders.
A moment of silence for the Dollhouse that was in Joss' mind, and never was.
That Dollhouse episode sounds even creepier than Belonging or Belle Chose.
Ah, *now* I understand the quotes in the story yesterday. Bold look at your artistic ethos, Boldface Purple Dude! Feeling the fan pride. Also wondering if I could pull off the suit-jacket-over-hoodie look.
It's a weird world as trying to play it safe (and so successful), they got a popstar 'sode. And after giving up and not paying attention, the network got 'Needs', 'Spy', 'Epitaph One', 'Belonging' etc.
I know Joss has said many times before how hurt he was with Firefly's cancellation, but has he ever said it with such clear pain as he has in recent interviews? He seems to be much more open about his reactions, thoughts and it all just seems so much more black & white than what I recall from what he said in past years. I think all the "bring back Firefly" campaigns and constant questions from fans and reporters about it have never let the wound heal.
Yeah. He's said similar before.
"Because obsession is the thing in us that makes us not everybody else." - Joss

Yes. in all areas. This struck a nerve as being so right on.

Yeah, the Dollhouse-That-Never-Was... that ep does sound Extra Creepy w/ Extra Creepifyin' Topping, and I'm sure it would've kicked up a lot of shit, but it would have been about something, and that's the name of the game.


I listened yesterday to that Nerdist panel #31 w/ Mo & Jed & Eliza Clark & Tami Sagher, and not only is it worth it for the Dollhouse discussion, but hearing all four writers talk about working in the business was enlightening.

And one thing that came up a few times was being able to let go of stuff - which is good for writing, but also for living. While you have to keep trying for something as long as possible, especially if you're obsessed, you also have to know when to let go of something, or you'll mess up everything else, or go nuts.

It's good to remember that when thinking about Dollhouse, or Firefly, or any other project that you're passionate about, or any grievous wrong that you've experienced, or anything else you're trying to achieve, or to understand and work through...

I'm happy for Joss these days - he has so moved on, and the plethora of work he's creating is the reward for all of us.

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I'm sure it would've kicked up a lot of shit, but it would have been about something, and that's the name of the game.

It's in the same place as that Firefly episode that never was, where Inara gets raped by Reavers.
It's in the same place as that Firefly episode that never was, where Inara gets raped by Reavers.
Now we see how many people go, "Wait, what?"
Now we see how many people go, "Wait, what?"

I'll gladly be the first....

Wait, what?
^I'll join: Wait, what?

I think it's incredible that now, in what seems to be "the year of Joss Whedon", that he's still telling us he aches for that show. I think it shows that Joss is someone who's creating because he loves to and needs to, not to make millions of dollars. Just makes me look up to him more.

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The Dollhouse episode sounds promising in a dark way but I can't say I'm sad that Inara plotline didn't happen.
Yeah, I hafta say, when Tim let that one out of the bag I was glad we'd dodged it - it might've been effective, but I'm not sure I could've handled it.
I still miss Firefly.

Just saying.
You just have to compare the unaired Dollhouse pilot to the one FOX had replace it with to see what a different show Joss wanted to make: weird, perverted, strange and philosophical. As Woody Allen said, after falling in love with the adopted 17 year old daughter of his longtime partner Mia Farrow, "the heart wants what it wants," and sometimes what it wants it really, utterly creepy.

I would have been so down for that show, but really, it had no chance of airing unaltered on American network television.

Still so excited for Wastelanders.
Yeah, agreed - I was one of those folks that *loved* the pilot when we finally got to see it, while (she said bitterly) some folks were twisting themselves into pretzels trying to make out that the new Action-Doll first episodes were waay better.

It was layered, richer, nuanced, funnier, darker, clever, sensitively-handled, and altogether much too good for American (network) TV. (Maybe I should take my own advice & just let go.)

I'm looking forward to all of Joss' projects, but I'm especially interested to hear more about In Your Eyes - I don't think we've heard much about it, other than it's a supernatural romance about two people that connect in unexpected ways - I'm thinking body-switching - and that it wrapped shooting a week ago.

I'm really craving Jossitude that is, in his words, "small, pure and odd."
Quotergal, you're truly inspiring. Thanks. You're much more eloquent than I.

I love this board.

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