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April 12 2012

Marvel's The Avengers tracking for huge opening weekend. Remember trying to shove people out to see Serenity?

I'm thinking an aggressive die hard fan campaign may not be needed this time around, Andy.
Nearly seven years ago, when we were all agonizing over Serenity's dire box office, I never could have imagined this.
This feels kinda good. Hope the general response to the film will be as good as the tentative numbers shown here are.
Even if it has one of the best opening weekends, I'm sure that someone will find a way to spin it negative (if it doesn't break the previous record).

I'm more interested in how CitW does. Cabin bears the fingerprints of Drew and Joss, while Avengers is a group effort.
This is really great news and pleased to read and comment on a non spoilers post, due to my self imposed embargo on the two movies. And the premiere post moved off page fast.

Very pleased indeed. Go Joss!
Money, it's a gas.

Though seriously, I hope it's does well for everyone involved. But mainly for Joss ;).
This will be a huge hit.Will be interesting to see how it does compared to The Dark Knight Rises in July and The Hobbit Part 1 in December.
I don't think it's going to be as huge as Dark Knight or Hobbit, but I do think it's going to be huge. I'm betting it will do better than The Amazing Spider-Man, too.
the early tracking is looking strong as a three- and possibly four-quadrant movie, too.

Not only will it open big, it also so doesn't suck. Often, in Hollywood, these two don't go together.
Simon - young, old, male, female.
Ah. Cheers. Basically Joss' fandom demographics then.
These movies will primarily be measured against the other Marvel movies. Although it would be an interesting story to see all the decisions made in making John Carter laid out alongside the decisions made in making The Avengers. Just as a case study. Marvel keeps tight tight reins on the purse while making movies and their methods seem to be working.
The problem with John Carter was the release date. Any other year I'd have been all over that film. However, next to Avengers, Batman, The Hobbit, Cabin In The Woods, Hunger Games, etc, etc, etc it got the "wait until the dvd" vote from me. Limited time/money to see films, and while I did enjoy John Carter when I was in high school, that was a long time ago.

That said, as a fan of geeky movies, this year is AWESOME! More movies than I can go and see!
Were any Whedonesquers lucky enough to nab tickets to the fan screenings this Saturday, April 14th? I'm excited to read non-spoilery fan reports!
The "problem" with John Carter was 1) Disney didn't have a fucking clue as to how to market it and 2) they spent $250 million to make a movie from a 100 year old property with zero traction, visibility or buzz ensuring it would never be profitable.
Plus it was terrible.
Yes. The universally horrible reviews did not help. :) I still haven't watched it so I'm withholding judgement.
I thought John Carter had some good reviews, rotten tomatoes notwithstanding. I saw a small following for the movie appear after the first week which shows the movie had some appeal if not mass appeal.
The original trailer for John Carter was one of the the worst I have ever seen.

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