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April 12 2012

No 'Catching Fire' for us say Whedon and Goddard. Variety's Showblitz asked Joss and Drew if they fancied directing the second movie in Suzanne Collin's trilogy.

The problem is for whoever directs is that Catching Fire has a set release date Of November 2013 and Jennifer Lawrence has a narrow window to film.Fox has first rights to her for X-Men First Class 2.They made a deal with Lionsgate to start filming X-Men in January and let Lionsgate film Catching Fire first.So The Hunger Games sequel has to film between August and December.

That's why Gary Ross quit according to reports.He feels he can't put out a quality product under those conditions.

So whoever directs is going to be under a very tight schedule.
Well, Avengers was similar Buffyfantic. But my gut says Joss will end up doing something original for the sake of joy. He will have plenty of offers this year of projects.
I just hope it gets a good director because Catching Fire was my favorite in the trilogy. And I'm anxious for Dr. Horrible 2. It's been so long already!
That's not actually a no from Goddard.
Dr Horrible will come. But not too soon.
I don't think Avengers was in as tight a situation as Catching Fire for whoever directs it.

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Hmm...I think it would be interesting to see Joss' version of 'Catching Fire'....which was also my favorite in the trilogy. With his love of strong female characters, I think this would be the best one of the last two books for him to adapt/direct. And he's handled short production schedules before and turned out a stellar product. But I can see not wanting to wade into that world and move onto something else after Avengers.
About what I expected, though it would have been exciting.

Dang, I really need to read the second book.
I think CITW to Catching Fire may be a bit of a jump in terms of budget for Goddard with only one film distributed so far.

I'm not saying he can't do it or wouldn't be great. I'm just not sure that producers would have him lined up as a first choice. But if he walks into a meeting with great ideas, who knows. If you take your cue from Marvel movies (established cast/assumed money makers) you tend to see you don't get the reigns in a movie like that without a larger body of directing work.

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Loved seeing Joss respond to this, and to hear he's a HG fan. His reason for turning it down (if he were ever to be asked) is extremely understandable.

Obligatory Katniss/Peeta/Finnick/Johanna wouldn't survive a Whedon version of Catching Fire movie joke here. ;)

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I'm seeing reports now that Lionsgate has a short list of directors they're interested in for Catching Fire.Some of the names on it are Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and David Cronenberg.
Uh. Cronenberg? No, thank you.

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