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April 12 2012

(SPOILER) Preview: Angel and Faith #9. Three-page preview courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Those look great.
Great preview.

I see Dru still keeps her nails sharpened. Ouch!

Oh it's so good to see pro-active punch first,ask questions later Angel again. :-)
Oh man, I am too excited for this issue!!! :D

It's very bittersweet though, because it's the last issue of the arc, and I LOVED Drusilla being in Angel and Faith! I loved seeing Drusilla in the present time period, but it was also awesome seeing her interact with Faith for the first time, and her and Angel interacting more is always a good/fascinating/much needed thing!

I'm also sad that there's not a Dru miniseries right after this, however, it'll let me treasure what's left of Dru in this issue that much more!
Ah, look at Rebekah and Christos nail it again. Dru v. Angel v. Faith is amazing!!!!
She can't really do wrong, can she? Rebekah is far and away my favourite Buffyverse artist. Class act!
Now, I haven't been keeping up with Angel & Faith (waiting on TPBs), but... since when does Angel have a nipple ring?
kasadilla,don't want to spoil you so I'll just say that it has a purpose.
Don't ALL nipple rings? ;)
Thanks for the heads' up (and the no spoilers), Buffyfantic. Hopefully its purpose is worthwhile. I think.

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