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April 12 2012

Box office predictions for The Cabin in the Woods vary between $10-15 million. EW predicts that The Cabin in the Woods will earn $15 million this weekend in the US, leaving it as the second highest grossing movie behind The Hunger Games.

While the LA Times also predicts a $15 million dollar weekend it has the Cabin in the Woods in 3rd place. However Screen Crave has the Cabin in the Woods grossing only $10.5 million and finishing in 4th place.

This is The Hunger Games' 4th weekend actually. I got a feeling that unless Cabin breaks out that Hunger Games will still be on the top for another 2 weeks. Nothing coming out in April other than Cabin looks any good. Bunch of blah movies this month.

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Hoping EW is right on this one. To be #2 overall, and #1 new release, would be a pretty incredible feat for a movie that got seemingly buried two-and-some years ago. The team certainly deserves it.

ETA accuracy.

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The ads on TV have been beautiful, and Bradley Whitford really talked it up this morning on 'Alive With Kelly', but I still have a lot of friends who won't consider a Horror movie (even though they love Joss' other work). I hope EW is right! has it at $16,3 million. at $14,5 million.

The Cabin in the Woods should end up grossing between $40 million and $50 million. I don't think it will beat Daniel Radcliffe's The Woman in Black which opened with $20,8 million and grossed $54 million.
@eddy: you forget "The Pirates: Band of Misfits". The reviews are very positive and i'm sure it will easily grab the top spot.
Is anyone going to the midnight show for Cabin tonight in the U.S.? Its playing in a few theathers here at midnight but I'm going to wait til tomorrow afternoon when I get off work and then I'm going to see it again on Tuesday with a friend from work.
There are no midnight showings in Eastern Iowa; personally I have a choice of a half hour drive to a 5:30pm show in 2D, or a 1 1/2 drive to a 12:45pm show in 3D (that sounds like a no brainer, but they are expecting big thunderstorms tomorrow at 11 am). Of course even if I go with the shorter drive to the 2D show I'll still probably go a second time to catch it in 3D (because I AM Whedon's Bitch).

Oh eddy, yesterday the Iowa City site was claiming to have it in 3D, but when I checked this evening (after reading your message that the movie is not in 3D) I see that they've taken that down AND the links to buy tickets are broken. So it looks like they are having trouble with their site. I'm just as happy it isn't in 3D (I find that dark and distracting from the actual storytelling).

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Cabin is not in 3d.
I'm going to see it tomorrow about 3:30. I thought about midnight, but I must be getting old because it just doesn't seem worth it. I'm very very excited though. :-D
There's an AP story predicting second place that's popping up on various news sites in the past couple of hours.
The Hunger Games movie is that popular? I'd never heard of the series until the commercials for the film, unlike Twilight or Harry Potter....

I hope Cabin does get the number one spot, but it's hard to predict what horror will break through with the public. But I still think some mention of "from the writer of Cloverfield, and the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Firefly etc, and/or from the writer/director of The Avengers" in an ad might have been a good idea.

It was heartening to come to Whedonesque over the past few weeks and read about all of the advertising people were seeing for CitW, though. Until the past week, I'd seen commercials for Cabin a total of three times, definitely less than for Three Stooges. I still haven't seen as many for Cabin as I have for Lockout; but hopefully the predictions of a good showing will come true.

Wow - Cabin in the Woods is actually opening tomorrow - !!!
Honestly, for anyone that is a Joss fan but does not want to see a horror movie, I'd recommend they see it. there's definitely horror, but, hmmm... It would be wrong to say exactly why. Let's put it this way: Anyone who is anti-horror and not a Joss fan may very well not enjoy it (depending why they're not a Joss fan I s'pose) but anyone that is anti-horror and is a Joss fan will most likely enjoy it.
I can't go until Monday afternoon. But I think if I go at noon on Monday I might have a good chance of having the seats I want. I went to see Hunger games on a Thursday at 12:45pm and had the whole theater to myself, with about 6 other peeps. I look forward to it.

I can't believe you have only seen 3 adverts. I have seen it everywhere. Even on a martial arts reality show! It's also on loop at the local theater. I've never seen any Joss product get this much advance attention.
Also, the Hunger Games trilogy of books has been huge for a while now.
I am going tomorrow even though I saw it last week. I am dragging (or simply accompanying) as many people as I can to see it (totally worth it). Going to see the Avengers is one thing, supporting Joss's original material is, in my opinion, even more important because that can lead to more of his material getting made and released in formats that are more amenable to those of us who like to watch things on screens larger than our computer screens.
Anyone who is a Joss fan but not a horror fan should buy tickets for Cabin and then go see something else in lieu of not going at all, haha.
Monday's headline - "Battleship sinks Cabin in the UK".
BTW, Have anyone kept an updated list of oversea releases of Cabin? Which are the countries, besides the US and UK that are getting Cabin released this weekend?

UK is one of the markets that will see it be trumped, or as Simon puts it, sunk by Battleship, and also with most overseas markets getting the Avengers in less than 2 weeks, there's not much time for it to gain some tracking.
No shame in finishing second to that one. LKW, yes, Hunger Games is that popular. It's destroyed every non-sequel offering in its path other than "Avatar", actually. Boxofficemojo is forecasting "Three Stooges" to open in second ahead of "Cabin", though.

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The Hollywood Reporter has also released their estimates, which says:

"Horror pic Cabin the Woods, from Lionsgate and MGM, is expected to gross in the $9 million to $12 million range, but could overperform based on exceptionally good reviews. Lionsgate acquired the film from MGM, which made for the movie for roughly $45 million."

Interesting. Had we gotten a figure for Cabin's original budget before? I know at this point it doesn't matter too much with regard to box office results, but it's interesting to know. So it cost a little more than Serenity.

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