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April 12 2012

(SPOILER) Details on Spike and Willow miniseries for Buffy Season 9. Description of the two comic mini-series, one starring Spike (Aug. 22nd) and the other starring Willow (Nov. 21st). Article also includes previews of the lovely covers. More details at Comic Book Resources.

There are some spoilers for the end of the current Buffy Season 9 arc.

My brain went from "OMG NO WAY!" to "oh wait...they're talking about comics" in about 1.5 seconds.
The art from the Willow comic is gorgeous.
Isn't that an old Season Eight cover of Spike?
The Spike cover is the cover for Buffy S8 # 36.
I thought that Willow cover looked like it was by David Mack... and it was!

Cool to see him doing some covers for season nine.
When I originally read the article's title I thought it was going to be a mini-series with Spike and Willow together. That would be awesome. I love those two together. Still, it'll be nice for them to have their own stories.
Wow, that was kind of a major (arguably) spoiler for the events of Buffy #10, huh?
I adore David Mack, I had NO idea he was doing cover art for Whedonverse stuff. SO happy.
Yeah... I added a line about the Buffy spoiler. I thought that was a little unusually blunt for an arc in progress.
i guess willow's mini must come out of the next angel and faith arc. i love this early marvel feel!!
Beautiful cover but is she Willow? Does not look like. And, McGuffin, Willow actually appeared in the IDW's Spike comic book series.

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I was wondering what a short-haired Buffy was doing on the cover of Willow's miniseries. Mack's art is beautiful, but it really doesn't look like Willow to me.
I loooove the Willow cover! It captures both the intensity of her magical connection to the world, and the emptiness she feels now that magic is gone. Just beautiful. Admittedly not the best likeness of Alyson Hannigan, but for me at least, it's very Willow.

I'm kinda sad that I saw the Buffy spoiler though--usually they keep the spoilers pretty vague and general in these announcements, so I wasn't expecting a major plot point to be revealed. But there was a spoiler tag, so I guess it's my fault for looking. :-/
Brief words from Scott Allie about the Spike and Willow miniseries and the Buffy line as a whole.

C2E212: Announcements and Info Hit Diamond Retailer Summit

Allie spoke about the "Buffy" line of comics, calling the multiple series "probably our strongest line right now." While the announced "Drusilla" series was recently put on hold, the Editor announced that Jeff Parker and Brian Ching will team for a "Willow" series with covers by David Mack and "Buffy" fan favorite Megan Lara. Also in store is a "Spike" series by Victor Gischler and Paul Lee with covers by former IDW "Angel" cover artist Jenny Frison and Steve Morris launching in August. For three months at the end of the summer, Dark Horse will ship a Buffy book every week with hopes that it will draw the faithful fans into stores each and every Wednesday. Allie also said that the future issues of the main "Buffy" title will focus on the villains and feature pages by the legendary Russ Heath.

I'm really disappointed Willow's miniseries is so far away. November 21st?? So she will be gone from the Buffy comic that long. So, Spike is leaving, Willow is gone and not coming back in the foreseeable makes me less interested in the core series unfortunately.

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I liked Jenny's Angel covers so that's a thumbs up from me. Anyone read Gischler's stuff? I liked Jeff Parker's Agent of Atlas series.
Oh, Jenny Frison and we'll see Spike drawn by Steve Morris.
I'm with mark214 on this. I have to admit, whilst I'm really glad that Spike is getting his own series again, and I understand that the best way to allow for that to happen is for Spike to be off on his own, that does make me worry that the core series is going to be lacking anything really interesting for me to get into. I love Buffy herself but just her, Xander and Dawn, plus a few newbie characters that may or may not still be around, doesn't seem like the most interesting group to work the series around. I'm not a shipper of any kind so I don't really care whether or not Buffy and Spike are 'together' together (to be honest, he works better when not chasing after Buffy) but I do think that he needs to be brought back to the core book when his solo story is done. No Spike, Willow or Giles makes the Scoobies kinda bland, for me anyway.
JEFF FRICKING PARKER! I love me some Jeff Parker. Also, fits in well with the Whedonverse. He's good with large ensemble casts and good with dropping humour into things. Also, he's written stories based around magic and the occult before and they've been good. I'm less bothered by the Gischler series as I haven't read anything by him that's blown me away. Still. I'll check out the first issue.
Paul Lee drew my favorite issue in season 8: "Chain". So I guess I shouldn't complain. But, OTOH, I'm not sure I'm interested in reading about Spike fighting demons and looking for the chards of the Seed. I love seeing him interact with Buffy. I hoped to see him interact with Xander and Willow.

Looks like they planned to spin-off Spike later in the season, but the cancellation of "Drusilla" mini changed DH's plans.

So, starting from #11, the story will be about Buffy, Xander and Dawn?
Would seem that way, Moscow Watcher. As I said, not sure how I feel about that, or even if those three alone can carry the series. I mean, technically the book is called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and so as long as she is around (even in robot form...) then that should be all it takes, but BtVS has never just been about Buffy. And with all due respect to both Xander and Dawn, as much as I consider them both essential to the mix and enjoy them as part of the gang, they don't interest me enough to compensate for Spike and Willow not being around, especially when we no longer have Giles or Anya anymore either.

Don't suppose that there's any chance of getting Oz back as a series regular? Or would now be a good time for Joss to bring Illyria into the mix? He's mentioned wanting to write her into the Buffy side of the story at some point and the team could really use some additional power, right about now. Hell, I'd settle for Harmony!

One thing that did occur to me. It was mentioned in the article that Dark Horse want to have a new Buffyverse title on the shelves every week later this year. That's a weekly discussion thread here then. Just like back when the show was on the air. Good times!
I don't see why the Buffy comic will suffer without Spike and Willow. S8 had a strong start with just Buffy, Xander and Dawn. S7 also had a wonderful beginning with just Buffy, Xander and Dawn as the gang. I think S9 suffers a lot because Xander and Dawn are pushed to the background.

I do hope that with Spike and Willow out of the way, Xander and Dawn will come back to the center stage. Even though it upsets me that the writers can't find a way to make Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike and Dawn have their storylines mingled together in one comic.

I was especially looking forward to Spike interacting with Xander. I'm disappointed that his interactions were mostly with Buffy. Such a wasted opportunity, especially since the Xander/Spike dynamic is fun and interesting.
Well, I am very excited about Willow's series - especially because they will follow her guest-starring on A&F . I really wish she could stay - or that her miniseries could include glimpses of A&F crew. Love her cover artist as well. As for the BtVS main series itself - we will have Kennedy appearing for an entire arc, and then there might be Jane Espenson's arc coming with promised new gay character. And don't forget Illyria - she was supposed to be 'used sparingly' in S9, although now that DH changed their plans so radically - maybe she will have her miniseries as well? In any case Allie said Buffy series will concentrate on villains at this point. Maybe Amy can come back too ?

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Thing is though, Sosa Lola, at the start of both seasons 7 and 8, even though Xander and Dawn were the only core Scoobies at Buffy's side at the beginning, the rest of the gang turned up very quickly and were at least seen as being part of the show. Spike, Giles, Willow and Anya all appeared in Lessons, even if they weren't really part of the team at that point. At the start of season 8 there was such a huge change in status quo, with the move to Scotland and the slayer army, that you barely had chance to notice the lack of central characters. And again, Willow and Giles were both back in the story before the first arc was over.

Season 9 is a much more intimate story than season 8, and the secondary cast is a great deal smaller. There is more need for a strong core group to keep the story going and right now I'm not seeing that happening with just Buffy, Xander and Dawn. Again, nothing at all against any of them as individual characters but they just don't scream Scoobie dream team to me. Especially considering that very few of the new characters have really interested me all that much.

"I was especially looking forward to Spike interacting with Xander."

Me too! Some of season 5's highlights were when Spike and Xander shared the spotlight. One of the best comedy double acts ever! Definite missed opportunity not having them together this time around.
The problem with Xander and Dawn is that they're pretty much in the background. If they can be allowed to show their depth and storylines "on panel" S9 would still go on strongly. The problem with S9 is that it's pretty much Buffy-centric. Even Willow and Spike were mostly used to develop Buffy's story.

IMO, the best part about #8 was that very small Xander scene in the bathroom. The whole scene was about Xander, no trace of Buffy in it. If Xander and Dawn could get to center stage and show off their muscles, the story would be fun and interesting.

Angel and Faith for example, IMO, are not my dream team and I have no interest in them at all. But the writers went deep into their characters and came up with interesting storylines for them and I became hooked. If they can do the same with Xander and Dawn - who are doomed to be the everyman and everywoman of the verse therefore not allowed to go to new and exciting places- they and Buffy will form a strong gripping team.

I do agree with you that the Buffy book is much better with so many popular characters. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn and Spike is a dream team indeed. It sucks that they needed to saparate them. It also sucks that Willow will go solo and Spike will go solo, it would have been better if they paired them together. 'Cause both characters alone aren't that fun IMO, they need a strong supporting cast just like Buffy and Angel.

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