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April 12 2012

The Cabin in the Woods opens today. Go see it and we'll chat about it later.

Seconded. I actually posted a similar message on both my facebook and on the Joss Whedon sub-reddit.
I'm seeing it in 5 hours, my local cinema is showing it at midday. I haven't been to the cinema on my own in years. The last time was Alien Resurrection which I walked out of. Ha.
I won't be able to see it until Sunday.Wish i could see it sooner but I'm tied up tomorrow and Sat.
That is delightfully ironic Simon haha.
Tickets booked for this evening. Very much looking forward to seeing it again, and actually being able to talk about it with the hubby.
I went to an advance screening but am seeing it again tonight. Like Cider, I look forward to finally being able to discuss it freely with people as the past week has been difficult as I told people what I thought without spoiling it.

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Just got back from a midnight screening. It was awesome, I loved it and can't wait to watch it again! :)
I saw it at the local press screening this past Monday. Budgeting restricts me from actually paying to see it this weekend, but maybe next.
It was great! I need to see it again!
Joss is a genius. The end. :D

I love how it also tests the intelligence of the audience.

A horror film where you have to think? What a concept. :D
I'm loving reading all the #cabininthewoods tweets now that the Eastern time-zone folks are out of the midnight showing. It's getting lots of love. A few people couldn't stand it, of course, but mostly very positive.

I can't wait to see it again.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wes Craven -- yes, that one -- gave the film "a blood thumbs up".
Has anyone seen this as a poster?
No, just the promo t-shirt and the backdrop for interviews at SXSW.
Ah well, I quite fancied getting it as a poster for my office.
It's trending on Twitter in the U.S.
I'm going to see it Friday night at 10pm, with a bunch of friends for my fellow-Whedon fan's birthday celebrations. I can't wait!
(Almost exacty) Like Cider said:
Tickets booked for this evening. Very much looking forward to seeing it again, and actually being able to talk about it with the hubby.

My wife is still refusing to see all Firefly episodes...
Isn't she terrible? (She isn't.)
She's joining me tonight in the theater!

Everyone: enjoy!
Loving all the love for the movie. Glad people are liking it as much as I did. Hope everyone's experiences are super shiny (especially your's Simon. I have a feeling you won't walk out of this one early).
Just to clarify - there will be another post for discussion later, or did you just mean later we will discuss it here?
There will be a post later on so we can discuss everything.
How odd Simon, the last time I went to the cinema on my own was to see Alien Resurrection too. In Cardiff I believe. I managed to get all the way through but still felt ever so slightly miffed at the thing.
Seeing it again tonight, hopefully with at least one house mate. If she wusses out I'll see it alone.

Looking forward to the discussion post! :)
"Ah well, I quite fancied getting it as a poster for my office."

Simon, really should try to grab one of the original movie posters for your office. It would be quite sporting!
Heading there in 40 minutes. Will be seeing it twice today.
The day a new work of Whedon premiers is always a good day.
Got my tickets, and it's the only thing getting me through this dreary, dreary day. Just gotta hang in here for a couple more hours...then it's off to the movies! Excited to discuss!
It did my heart good to see "Mutant Enemy Productions" on the big screen.
IT WAS AMAZING! Honestly, might just be my favorite horror film of all time.
Nearly four years we've been waiting since it was announced (definitely the longest I've waited for a non-sequel, and the only sequel that beats that length by a couple months is TDKR), and today is finally the day.

Seeing it tonight, but I will go ahead and say congrats to everyone involved! Incredible that it is finally here!

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Saw it Tuesday night. Seeing it again tomorrow. Joss and Drew should be proud--it's a fantastic movie. Just plot twist after plot twist after plot twist, without ever feeling inorganic.
Interesting take, Jobo. I saw it as having a very natural linear progression, no plot twists whatsoever. Maybe if it hadn't opened the way it did, that aspect could have been a later twist, but from that point on it seems to me to be a natural flow to the end.

In fact, a buddy of mine who read the script long ago says he didn't like the script because of the ending. To me, the way it ends is the only way it can end based on what came before. Therefore he'd have to have disliked things along the way to not like the end.

As an aside: In script form I can totally see how he might feel that way. A script is so dependent on one's own interpretation. The movie has performances, direction, production design and lighting, etc... to make a cohesive whole. I wish he had waited for the movie as I think he would have enjoyed it having never read the script.

Bottom line, I love how different perspectives bring different experiences to the same story. Jobo liked the plot twists, I liked that there were none. Jobo and I liked the movie a lot for different reasons, my friend did not like the script at all.
FWIW, the film played for me almost exactly the way the script did. The differences between them are minimal and my mind's eye picked up on their vision pretty easily.

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I just got back from seeing it. GO SEE IT!!! It's the most insane movie (in a good way) I've ever seen!

I'm seeing it again later today, and will likely see it over the weekend. (I'm grateful my son gave me a gift card for the movie theater, so I won't be too set back by multiple viewings. This is one of those movies you must see many times!)
Today is my daughter's birthday (19th) and all she asked was to see this movie. So what's a mother to do but take the day off work and go to the movies?

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