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April 13 2012

Extra Avengers scene being filmed? It would seem so.

Spoiler? Joke?
I took it to be speculation/joke not based on any actual facts.
seems legit old boy, per the following, but from what's being talked sounds like something very minor...
bunch more pics here:

and sfx also running with the "extra scene" story.
I kinda' doubt this. Editing, at this point, would cause delays in the release. Nothing on the bubble about that. Believe the film is in the can, so to speak.
more or less confirmed here:
Hilarious. It's probably for a DVD extra. The prints will have already been struck. Also, they would have to recertify with the BBFC.

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Hmm. That's a possibility. Another Marvel One-Shot perhaps?
Any chance it's for Captain America 2 or Thor 2?
From Ain't-it-Cool (not an unimpeachable source I know, but Jeremy Smith is generally seen as reliable):

"Though director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige were quick to call bullshit on Downey's statement, multiple sources - including an unabashedly on-the-record Mark Ruffalo - quickly confirmed that the one-night shoot was scheduled, and that the scene in question would turn up at the very, very end of THE AVENGERS. As for what happens in said scene, I wouldn't expect it to be a major reveal. This will be more of a curtain call."
The film is all digital, though. The IMAX in Waterloo here isn't showing the film because it's not on IMAX film, it's in IMAX digital, So I think it could be feasible? Curious/funny anyhow.
As it's being said in the comment section of the article, it should be an after credit scene, foreshadowing the "Captain America" sequel or something like that.

But i doubt it has something to do with the The Avengers ITSELF.
Also, they would have to recertify with the BBFC.

The BBFC haven't classifited it yet.
This is pretty weird though--from what I recall my friend saying, they need about two weeks to strike all the prints that they end up sending around the country/world. And the film opens April 26th in some places, doesn't it? I mean, I guess they could just send out one extra reel to the places still using film... or maybe digitally will truly be the only way to see this film in full.

It's interesting. Raises a lot of questions.
chrisdvanne, normally that would make sense except the version they premiered with already had a stinger.
Cinemas still use actual film? I thought it was all digital download these days.
A lot of theaters can't afford the 70k-150k necessary to upgrade, not to mention the 35mm stalwarts who insist it'd be a downgrade (of which I am a particularly annoying one). If you're curious, you should read this article.

It gets into a lot of the specifics of the film/digital situation. It's focused mostly on the revival theater scene, but most of it applies to theaters that show new films as well.

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