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April 13 2012

The Cabin in the Woods may be a career-maker for Fran Kranz. Rightly so.

Actually, I've been considering her an "A" tier star for the past five years. Hollywood is just so slow to catch on. Think we know better!
@Madhatter Fran Kranz is a guy... he played Topher in Dollhouse... I assume your "her" was a typo?
I've really come to love Fran since the early days of Dollhouse. He was great in the film The TV Set, too.
This has actually been my hope for a while. So good in Dollhouse. More people need to notice.
@Niels Exactly! In dollhouse, his romance with Bennet Halverson, played by the beautiful and talented Summer Glau, was heartbreaking.

This is good news for Fran because he deserves it, now when is Summer's turn?
@Madhatter Fran Kranz is a guy... he played Topher in Dollhouse... I assume your "her" was a typo?

Nope, caught me! I was thinking of Felicia Day. Damn alzheimer's bug must be eating my brain. Good catch, thanks!
It would have been nice to have Felicia Day in Cabin In The Woods... although actually I was very pleasantly surprised by Kristen Connolly, and now need to see her in more things too.

I really hope this does get Fran Kranz some recognition, because a) he definitely deserves it based on the evidence of Dollhouse and b) he's pretty damn good here too.

Incidentally, my mother's name is Fran. So this does confuse me occasionally...
Kristen Connolly, man. She's amazing in this. I dug her a lot.

My description of Fran has been this for a while - he takes anything thrown at him on a page, and makes it better. I don't know how he does it. He's a magician, or kindly hypnotist.
Posting here because its the most recent non-spoiler CitW post...

Just heard Mr. Moviephone do a review on the radio on the way into work...he LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie! He said it was the most fun he's had at the movies in a really long time. Woohoo!!!
Seeing it this afternoon. Can't wait.

Also: yay Fran!! I hope the article's right, and this movie opens many doors for him. I loved him in Dollhouse, and by all accounts he seems to be a lovely person as well as an exceptional actor.

And I loved the bit about how important this movie was to him, and how happy he is that it's finally come out. Seems like everyone involved cared so much about this movie .... and now they are finally getting to see it released. To critical acclaim. And we are finally getting to watch it. Everyone wins. :-)
Just got back from seeing this and got to agree with the article. Frantastic.

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