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April 13 2012

(SPOILER) BBC News asks if The Cabin in the Woods trailer gives away too much. The article has spoilers about the movie (and others).

I was gonna read this, and then they said "SPOILERS" which kinda makes the article stupid. Still, seeing it tomorrow so Spoilers after that I guess.
The problem with cabin is that if you dont know who Joss is and you just get a basic sinopsis of the plot... It feels like the conventional film it is not. How do you conveine the whole "its not the story you have been told a thousend times" without hinting to what makes it unconventional, i dont know. "Believe us when we tell you" its not gonna connvince many, its already been said falsely before. And hoping for word of mouth is to much of a rist; this isnt "shoe string budget" Evil Dead.
Yeah, I agree. Although I didn't see the trailer myself before seeing the film, I think it does a pretty decent job of balancing expectations. The trailer doesn't give away everything, but it does give away that this isn't just a horror film - and it has to do that, both to interest the right audience and to warn the audience that's only going to see it for the horror aspect that they'll have to accept a bit of something else in their film too.
I don't think it was that big of a deal. However the whole "you stay away any information about the movie" mantra may have caused a bit of a backlash.
There was one thing in the trailer I wish I hadn't seen, but in my opinion most of the trailer gives enough of a hint of what the movie is about without spoiling. And they haven't put ALL the best bits in the trailer like some films do. Some of the TV spots seemed more spoilery, but I didn't see those until after I had seen the film, and it's a lot harder to judge what might count as giving stuff away when you know what is being given away. If that makes any kind of sense.
I think the elevator scene at the end of the trailer gives too much away. I am glad I made a point of not re-watching the trailer a second time before I actually saw the film - I didn't quite remember that bit.

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