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April 13 2012

(SPOILER) Extended Interview with Joss from EW Avengers set report from last June. Remember the EW cover story about The Avengers? Well, this is the whole of the interview they had with Joss, from which they pulled quotes. Very meaty and no real spoilers. And a spoilerish Kevin Feige interview in which he explains that Marvel has an option on Joss for Avengers 2 if and when it comes to it.

Relevant parts of Feige interview excerpted:

Q: When you first saw the movie, were you like, "I really need to sign Joss the sequel today before people see this thing?"
Feige: We did that before he wrote one word of the script.

Oh so you already signed him for another one?
Feige: Well they're called options, so basically anybody we work with we ask for options.

So Joss has an option for The Avengers 2?
Feige: Correct.

How happy are you with the way this movie turned out?
Feige: I'm very happy (laughs). We're not talking about the next one right now, we just finished this last week and I don't get to rest, I start Iron Man 3 in five weeks. But Joss needs to rest and enjoy this, and we need to unleash it on the world and see if other people feel the way you do. So we'll see.

So glad they posted the complete interview, some very interesting remarks.
So does that mean that Joss will have to do the movie if Marvel want him to?
Think of this as the Taxi Driver of superhero team movies.

Hahaha. I love Joss.
spoiler light review of The Avengers courtesy of Ain't It Cool:
I believe that yes, if Marvel wants Joss for Avengers 2, he is obligated (much like the actors playing the iconic roles) to return.

Given how well-received the movie has been so far, I would be surprised if they don't want Joss back for the sequel. It seems as though the movie's success hinges on Joss's unique skillset with large groups of characters and relationships.

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