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April 13 2012

You could be a Master of the Whedonverse. If you're into quizzing check out Geeks Who Drink's upcoming "Masters of the Whedonverse" pub quizzes.

Which Whedonesquers are going to take home the grand prize?


Sunday, April 22
7:00pm: The White Rabbit, 513 N 36th St, Suite E, Seattle, WA

Monday, April 23
8:00pm: The Auld Dubliner, 71 S. Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA
8:00pm: Ernieís Bar & Pizza, 2915 W 44th Ave., Denver, CO
8:00pm: Devil's Daughter, 533 South 500 WestSalt Lake City, UT
8:00pm: G Street Wunderbar, 228 G St, Davis, CA

Tuesday, April 24
8:00pm: Sweet Carolineís, 1260 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
8:00pm: Red's Porch, 3508 S Lamar BlvdAustin, TX

Thursday, April 26
8:00pm: Maple Leaf Pub, 514 Elgin St, Houston, TX
8:00pm: Capital Bar, 3017 Morton Street, Fort Worth, TX
8:00pm: Bumstedís, 500 N 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ
9:00pm: Coaches Sports Bar, 1414 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM

Clearly not me since I live in SC.
Can you go to watch? I'd love to go to the one in Long Beach, but my memory's not up to competing.
What, no D.C. installment? I feel so disenfranchised :(
My group placed 7th out of 20-plus teams 2 years ago. We want at least top 3 this year.
Clearly the East Coast is just not loved... GA here... I'd like to think I could do well at this... What sort of depth are the questions E-Rawk?

Wait... Massachusetts? Ok, the East Coast except for Boston isn't loved. *pout*
I pass by the Houston location on my way home from work. Maybe I'll pop in to watch.
DreamRose, they are a good mix, some in depth stuff, some standard. They had a picture round where they had pictures of characters that appeared in a single episode of a series (like Buffy's roomie in "Living Conditions" or the sash guy from "Shindig") and you had to remember their names (that round kicked our asses) but they also had a round of who said it, Angel or Spike that was pretty easy. The tricky part is the alcohol factor because we loves us some quality Colorado microbrews and obviously the more you drink the less you remember.
Oh, this sounds fun! There is even one in my city (Austin), but sadly I can't go: I have an unskippable class from 7-10 that evening. :-(

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