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April 14 2012

(SPOILER) CBR talks with Scott Allie about the Spike and Willow Miniseries. They discuss the two miniseries announced at C2E2.

Shame there isn't much elaboration on the "unforseen scheduling issues".
Sounds like the Spike miniseries is a last-minute thing to plug the 'Dru' miniseries hole. Makes you wonder what changed in their plans for the character - was he intended to fade into the background as he became less needed (to help with the faux pregnancy and/or recovery of her body) and less convenient as Buffy interacts more with humans and less with zompires.
I don't think Spike necessarily ever "got over" Buffy, so much as chose to keep his distance over the last couple of years. It's easier to tell yourself that you don't love someone when they aren't in your life anymore. Once that changes and you're suddenly seeing that person on a daily basis again, your true feelings tend to reappear.

These last few months that Spike has spent at Buffy's side made it all too clear that he hadn't really got over her at all, but hopefully he'll now be able to do so and move on properly! To Faith! ;)
There is a lot that I hate about this development. Why did they spoil issue 10 so very hard already?

But this is what worries me the most:
"The editor also noted that the large collaboration has also brought in a few familiar faces from Buffy's past. "Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg are coming on to write a 'Buffy' story arc soon, and we had to make sure they were really caught up on where Buffy is at and where the Scoobies are at -- which is sort of nowhere -- in order to make their issues synch up properly with where they fall in the series. They had a very specific story they wanted to tell, and we had to alter it to fit it into 'Season 9.' That involved input from Andrew and from me and Sierra, and it makes it fun. It's a fun, collaborative process."

So they had to alter Jane and Drew's very specific stories they wanted to tell in order to make them fit. This does not bode well at all.

The Spike/Buffy interaction was the only thing keeping me reading the comic, the roofied robot abortion story line was ridiculous to me. Moving Willow to Angel and Faith is an obvious try to prop up that title, which Darkhorse seems determined to do, even if it comes at the expense of the Buffy title. Not sure why.

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It's a shame that Angel & Faith needs propping up at all and that it isn't selling as well as Buffy's book, because frankly it's been the better title so far this season. The upcoming storyline featuring Willow has me very excited. The next Buffy arc? Not so much!
Wasn't the Willow crossover planned well before hand?
Whether Angel and Faith is the better title or not, I have no interest in reading about Angel after the Twilight fiasco, I don't even want to think about him, and I never cared that much for Faith.
Buffy and Spike are my people, that's the comic I want to read. And I do mean Buffy AND Spike. Lost interest in season 8 very quickly when it became clear there would be no Spike, not even in Buffy's thoughts. And yeah, they sucked me back in at the end when they brought Spike in, but now I feel like a chump.
A lot of talking about how the writers communicated and talked to each other about their stories, but nothing about Joss himself except that "he's the executer producer" which was mentioned in another article or interview (I don't remember exactly).
Seems to me that this season is mostly Allie's work and not Whedon's. Whedon's name is just there for the sales.

Let's hope that something good will come out of it eventually, because Buffy's plot so far is full of nonsense. A&F is doing better in its stories though.
The Willow thing was announced, like, a year ago.
I'm pretty bummed that they're putting Willow stuff in the Faith and Angel series. I haven't been following that because I don't care about Angel and have no desire to now spend a bunch of money ordering back issues off the internet just so I can find out whats going on enough to make this Willow story make sense. Hopefuly they won't be that essential.

Also I was a little put off by this statement:

"One of the super cool things about 'Willow' is that we have some liberty in how we present her basically because Allison Hannigan is super cool."

I'm like, whut? I mean even the Willow art on that page is unrecognisable as Willow, like since when did she get hips like that?! Utterly ridiculous that you would even want to take liberties with how you present her.
For me, Xane, it would be Spike and Faith. One of my biggest Buffyverse related regrets is that Eliza didn't agree to do the Faith series, especially as it would have featured Spike as well, albeit in ghost form at the start. That would have been the ultimate show for me.

That said, Spike doesn't have to be in Buffy's life (or comic book) for me to want to read about him and I've certainly not got any problem with reading about Angel now that he is actually being written as Angel again. As long as the stories are interesting and well written, I'll be there. My only problem is that I don't think that Buffy's part of the story is as interesting as it could be, at the moment. Hopefully that will be corrected soon.

And yeah, Willow's guest spot in Angel & Faith has been planned for ages. Nothing to do with helping the title's sales figures get a boost. Well, nothing more than any special guest appearance is meant to do that anyway.
Well, surely Buffy's story will become much more interesting when she becomes a robo-bodyguard in Kennedy's employ. Maybe to satisfy the 'quest for 'normal' angle she'll get to wear pearls.
Honestly, Spike is not over Buffy. He never did get over her. What makes me sad is that their relationship was finally starting to become positive and healthy; Buffy relying on Spike, Spike is there for her but Spike was regaining his self worth again and not being pushed around to help her out, but him finally realizing that he's better than a dog that can be bossed around or whenever it's convenient for Buffy. He finally confronted her and said he doesnt want to be her dark place and that he deserved better than that... That he could give her normal, which to be honest, besides never aging physically, I think he could. But no.... Now we're having a storyline that to me sets back Spike's and Buffy's development relationship-wise. It's so sad, unexpected and kind of out of nowhere. Why doesn't Buffy love him? Why doesn't she want to be with him? I'm very curious as to what her explanation is in issue 10....
What I am reading here is that there is some inchoate issues that need to be resolved and is doing so on the fly. The loss of the Dru mini has obviously upset the applecart, and so they are trying to shoehorn in other series planned for other times to cover the loss. None of this bodes well for the story being truly coherent. I do agree that Joss has stepped out of the day-to-day on this, and in a way, it reminds me of S7. where the series seemed to lose focus. A Buffy series without the core Scoobs to me is less interesting. Giles is gone, and I would be shocked if he came back. Willow is off, and now so is Spike. All that is left is Buffy with two powerless folks, Xander and Dawn. I have a friend here who finds the Angel Faith book more compelling and has noted that he believes believes that Faith is set to kill Dru. And that Willow will appear in that book. But I will not go out and buy 80- books trying to keep the story straight.
The original announcement threw me for a loop -- but this latest interview has me cautiously bouncing up and down in my seat. Bouncing because this is *exactly* the development that needs to happen for Spike, whether Spuffy is in the future or not. Spuffy can't really go forward until Spike stops seeing Buffy as The One. Real love just doesn't work very well that way. It needs to be more about give and take -- the gift two flawed people give to each other. Whether Buffy ultimately returns his love or not, it's just important for Spike to see that Buffy isn't perfect and that he's got things of value to offer himself.

I'm only cautiously bouncing because, of course, everything depends on the execution. It's a bit scary to realize that Joss is as little involved with the project as he appears to be. But on the other hand, I really like Allie's writing in the last issue (or two). I think he's got a real handle on Buffy's ambivalences and on the reasons why it would be a bad idea for these two to be together now. And while it's anybody's guess as to whether Spuffy re-emerges later on down the road -- it is far more promising for Spuffy that they're separating now to hopefully work out the things that keep them apart. If they got together now, it'd be doomed.
What Maggie. Pretty much exactly!

As I've said before, I'm not into shipping in any way. I don't care which characters are together as long as it makes for an interesting story. If Spike is going to be with Buffy though, it needs to be the strong and confident Spike that he is when he's out on his own, rather than the puppy-eyes version we usually get around Buffy. The relationship is never going to be an equal one for as long as it remains entirely on Buffy's terms. Spike needs to realise that it's not all about her and that he deserves to be with someone who really wants him. I'm just not sure if that would ever truly be Buffy. Certainly not right now.
I've been seeing this pop up in interviews, but I'm just curious. Why has the Dru series been delayed?
They will not say why it has been delayed, slayerfreak.
Seems more like canceled for good than delayed.
"Unforseen scheduling issues" is the only morsel we've been able to get out of anyone.
zianna, this quote makes it sound like they're still planning on doing the Dru title:
"We've been working on these, and we moved up the announcement a bit to deal with the fact that Dru is gone for now. We felt we needed to do something positive for the fans after we had to do something that I've never done before -- pull a title after the first issue has been solicited," he said. "This will be the extent of 'Season 9' -- a total of five titles."

I really don't think the loss of the Dru mini has changed the writing or the original direction of the S.9 at all. In fact, I feel like the Dru mini kind of came out of nowhere (in regards to their original intention) and now its just gone again. I think these announcements were made, like SA said above, to try to bring the fans some positive news after that happened...but I don't think they shoved the Spike/Willow story lines in because it happened. Willow was planned long ago and they've been batting the idea around of a Spike project for a while too.

Just my speculation.
I can't recall the source, but I recall Allie expressly saying that Spike WOULD NOT get a mini in S9 as he would be 'too busy' in the main book. So, that certainly sounds like a change of plan. Also, saying that Jane E had to alter her planned arc to 'fit' suggests she may have had a storyline involving Spike and then had to change it based on him taking off.
Don't also forget the heartbreaking Spuffy moment that Allie promised in a tweet last December. Did anyone notice any heartbreaking Spuffy moment in #8?
(*whistling mood on*)
But he also said there WOULD be a Spike series in the past. I just think they were undecided up until now.

Regardless, I don't think the Dru story (or lack thereof) will make an impact on their plans either way. I really don't.
Well, none of us know for sure, it just seems to have been a radical shift overnight. Furthermore, the lack of a Dru story isn't the point for some of us; it is what changes have been introduced to the storyline that includes Spike and why - particularly as Joss appears to be pretty much onto other things and we seem to have BtVS as interpreted by Scott Allie.
Well I guess after the Whedonverse and a look at the Lynchverse, we're going to take a taste of the Allieverse as well.

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