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April 14 2012

"The Cabin in the Woods" OST now on US iTunes. Here's a nice early surprise.

I am not sure about the other stores yet, can anyone confirm?

It's not on the UK iTunes yet. Boo! Might get myself a Us iTunes voucher.
The preview for "The Cellar" sounds wonderfully disturbing.
Purchased an US iTunes voucher and got it. It's creeptastic and has echoes of The Descent.
I never realised there was a song called The Cabin in the Woods in the Evil Dead musical. Come to think of it, I never realised there was an Evil Dead musical.
Anyone got a list of the non-score music used in the movie? I like my soundtracks complete...
Well Nine Inch Nails' "Last" is the song playing over the end credits. And apparently theres another NIN song in the movie "Gave Up" but I'm not quite sure where it is in the film?

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