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April 15 2012

Adam Baldwin talks about his guest star role on Castle. HitFix (main link) and TVLine both talked to Adam about his character and what it was like to act with Nathan Fillion again. "It's like putting on an old, comfortable brown coat or a nice pair of comfortable combat boots."

I just rewatched David Boreanaz acting with Adam on season 1 Bones the other day. We need more Mutant Enemy cast reunions!

browncoats ready?!
I think that Castle could use Adam Baldwin as a regular, but then a lot of shows could (I always enjoy seeing Adam Baldwin on my TV screen). Maybe Eureka or Warehouse 13 will decided to create an Adam Baldwin sized character (they are both returning, right?).
Eureka, yes and no. Their final season is about to air but I thought they already filmed the handful of episodes? Warehouse 13? Pretty sure it got the nod.

Still, Adam on Castle would be mighty awesome, but I think someone needs to get him his own "fits like a glove" role. Hey! What about the supposed TV version of The Punisher?! Put more of the original Marvel character back in and I think Adam would a spectacular Frank Castle!
Eureka is completely finished filming. Wrapped late last summer. WH13 going strong and is Syfy's highest rated show I believe.
The part in the HitFix interview where he describes working on Firefly as scary (because of the uncertainty of the show's continued existence) made me saaaad.
Who added the TVLine link to this entry? They should get credit for the find.
i09 has six preview clips from tonight's "reunion" episode.

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