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April 15 2012

Fran Kranz talks with AssignmentX about Cabin in the Woods & more. Telephone interview with Fran Kranz about "Cabin in the Woods", working with Drew Goddard, and working on "Lust For Love".

Lust for Love (easy mistake) :)

And incidentally, great to see it talked about. I can vouch Fran is being genuine with the way he regards it. He and Dichen and Anton really had a passion for it and we all had a blast working on it.

I know it's still in post, but dunno when it'll be out either. I know Anton wants to get it out, but I know he doesn't want to rush it if it needs more time.

ETA: Like Cabin, it won't be for everyone (though I doubt it'll be quite so polarized a gap), but like Cabin, a lot of love and passion went into it, and I really think that will show. The same is probably true for Much Ado

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Lust for Love - people have been working on it full time for months now in post production. We have a composer now, too. I've seen some rough cuts and, as you'd imagine, Fran is great (bonus points to Fran fans - he's in pretty much every scene of the movie).
Highly anticipating it, can't wait to get my dvd in the mail :o)

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