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April 16 2012

10 horror movies that scare "The Cabin in the Woods" team. Entertainment Weekly asked the cast and crew of "The Cabin in the Woods" what movies scare(d) them the most. Here are their answers.

And oh, pretty sure there's a bunch of spoilers in there too.
For Cabin? Not really.
In that case, zip me. I may be getting paranoid.
Mitholas, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you!
(barely audible subliminal voice) "Mitholas, they are out to get you!"

Fran Kranz picked "Jaws" for his movie, so I wonder if he has seen the trailer for Woodhead Entertainment's fake movie Shark Pool. Also a very meta take on this sort of film.

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Why is that goat staring at me?
Hahaha, sometimes I think Bradley Whitford is literally Josh Lyman.
Most of these films are included on this list of the top 100 horror films of all time. Drew Goddard was one of the voters in the Time Out poll.

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Ah, Bradley Whitford is truly amazing.

Some really great picks there, although I'm not sure about The Thing from Another World. It is a rather silly film, with the giant vegetable alien. For some true classic horror film, you can't go wrong with Frankenstein or even Nosferatu, which still has one of the creepiest depictions of Dracula (certainly better than the fairly awful Universal attempt.)
Vandelay - I agree that Nosferatu is far scarier than the 1931 Universal film of Dracula. I still enjoy the latter, though, perhaps because I grew up watching it on TV. The Black Cat (with both Karloff & Lugosi) is a great pick on the list. I saw it many times on public TV growing up (it was paired with The Raven which has the same stars but is not as good a film). While no list is going to satisfy everyone, I wish they had found room for films by Joe Dante, Jess Franco, Michael Reeves, and Jean Rollin. Another old film I recommend is The Seventh Victim.

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Not being being a big horror fan, I haven't ever seen "Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Halloween", etc. As I kid, I found enough things scary without wanting to add to it, and I've found no reason to change that as I got older. I saw "Silence of the Lambs" and regretted it later, as I couldn't get those images out of my Head Library for years.

That said, I forget how much I looved "The Six Sense" - and I thought "Jaws" was a horror movie, too - if not technically, at least in my reactions.

Bradley Whitford: his reaction to the two films he mentions was also mine - great ladies playing... IMO less great ladies. I love both Mr. Whitford and Joshua Lyman.

(This is one of the only Cabin threads I can read or post in - hence my absence from others. Haven't seen it yet, long story, won't yet for days. Grrrr - my own damn fault. But: I look forward to it whenever I do.)

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