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April 16 2012

Fans react to The Cabin in the Woods. Video of readers of /Film and reacting after seeing a free, early screening. The movie is also reviewed on the /Filmcast podcast and given 9/10 in the site's written review.

Really recommend listening to the /Filmcast - great thoughts on the film. If you've listened to the show much before, you'll know that a couple of the hosts are big Whedon fans.
I just saw the movie today, was not scary to me, but wow it was very different and I loved it. Looking forward to the DVD, I am so used to DVRs that I kept wanting to back it up to see something I missed.
I saw it Sunday afternoon, with a large crowd in my theater (AMC, Tampa, FL). There were a quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, and the audience got all of them. It's been a while since I've been to see a horror movie "live". But ... not scary? I was soaking wet at the end, and yes, the A/C was definitely working. WOW! A young girl (18? sorry, I'm 67, they're all young) sitting next to me confessed that she cried several times.

I'm going back later this week to see it again, to try to catch the hints along the way to that climax. AND I'm signed up with Amazon to get the announcement when the DVD/Blu-ray is available. Lots of stop-and-backtrack to do with this movie. Oh yeah.
I am still addicted to all the totally bipolar responses on twitter. (I think all the people who call it the best movie they've ever seen, the weirdest movie they've ever seen, or the worst movie they've ever seen - really need to watch more movies)

However, one fan tweeted something just now that really made me sit up and go ooooh:

However, one fan tweeted something just now that really made me sit up and go ooooh:


Yeah, I was thinking that too.
I don't know about a prequel. I kind of like it as a one shot film best. Let it stand on its own.

If there were to be a prequel, I would rather it not be a full length film, but maybe just a one shot Dark Horse comic or something fun and interesting like that.
I watched it last night and thought it was great. Again, bipolar reaxtions in the movie, but everyone laughed where they should. Third in boxoffice... that's okay right?

The intern held up a sign during all the mayhem. I wanted to pause the movie so I could read it. Anyone get a look at it? I missed it.
I saw it for the second time last night - only nine other people in the theatre, but it was the late Monday night show, so that's understandable. Nobody really reacted to much of anything, but I think they might have been people like me, who'd already seen it once and were going back to catch things they missed the first time around. I was surprised that people brought their very small children to this movie though. It earns that "R" rating. I sure wouldn't bring my kids to it - would show them the dvd when they were older, instead. I got a lot more out of my second viewing than the first. The first time I saw it I was on sensory overload. It's definitely a movie that benefits from multiple viewings.

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