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April 16 2012

Adam Baldwin talks about guesting with Nathan Fillion on tonight's Castle! Another story about our old friends working together again.

There's a preview clip in under the article as well, featuring a coat trade between Fillion and Baldwin. (The color of the coat we should all be able to guess.)
First scene with Nathan in it, I think that's an unexpected Firefly reference heh. Make sure everyone watches!!
I'm enjoying this so much (I love Adam's longer hair!). So funny.
Adam IS funny! Shame nobody is here to discuss it, they've really missed out on some Firefly-awesomeness.
So many awesome (I can say awesome, right?) Firefly shoutouts in one episode! I am reduced to multiple exclamation points!!!!!
That episode had more firefly references than the entire rest of Castle, which is quite a lot. Many of them were really ingeniously subtle too, such as how Baldwin's character drew his gone exactly like Mal did (when he shouted "bah!", forget when that was). All in all, fantastic episode.
Delicious, wonderful cheese from one end to the other. A keeper.

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