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April 16 2012

Hollywood Reporter predicts "The Avengers" opening weekend upward of $150M. The Marvel Studios and Disney superhero extravaganza is generating bigger prerelease interest than "The Dark Knight" or "The Hunger Games."

Marvel looks like it has a monster hit on its hands. It will likely score one of the biggest North American opening weekends of all time. If good word of mouth and critical praise will give the movie "legs," Joss will have his first blockbuster success.

I don't know whether I should be happy or sad that it is going to have an opening weekend 10 times bigger than Cabin.
Well, to be fair and balanced, The Avengers cost 7-8 times to make than Cabin.
OK, I'll make the first prediction: $165M US opening!
dannyrobertson, you should be happy, very happy. Cabin is doing well, nothing to be worried about. Avengers would be doing well at a $100 million opening, this estimate is just way, way, way awesomertastic.
171 million would be great but I'm just going to say 155 million on the conservative side.

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Hope Lionsgate get to stick Cabin a few weeks longer, so they can actually use Avengers to get an additional push to promote Cabin in the Woods with Chris and Joss involvement in both.
...I do not think "mash-up" means quite what they think it does. I mean I guess the phrase did pre-exist the current usage but still, that's a little weird since that kind of implies that the Avengers is a new concept to throw all those characters together.

Also the cast listing I found a little interesting since I can't tell if it's purely random or supposed to be in any sort of order. If in terms of general profile I can almost see Johansson getting higher than Evans, but they both come after Hemsworth. And I somewhat doubt that would be the sequence of when they appear in the film but who knows (other than people at the international premiere).

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