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April 16 2012

Downey Jr and Fillion do Avengers promo after Castle. It's on YouTube now.

I would have posted this sooner, but I'm too excited to type well.

I saw this on TV, right after Castle, it was hilarious! I cannot believe that Nathan showed RDJ that hair/scalp moving thing he does.
"I'm Iron Man, and you're not."

I thought it was cute. I loved the back-and-forth between them.

And oh yeah: You both worked with Joss Whedon!!!!

Anyone catch the Serenity shout-out? It was one of Det. Slaughter's lines...and that's all I'm gonna say. 'cause I don't know how to black-font here.

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That is fantastic.
Proof that it almost always pays to stay for the end credits :)
That was made of pure awesome - Yes, I do pretend that I'm 12 years old, so I do get to say awesome.
Wow, love it!
Thank you for that. Things you don't see after Castle in Canada.
Wish he'd retorted "well, I've got my own spaceship, and you haven't."

Or even "well, I've got a gun."
That's amazing.
I about lost it. That was so awesome, I was squeeing so hard last night, and my roomie totally didn't get it. One day she will, I'm working on Buffy/Angel with her right now.
Simply too much charisma for one frame to contain. I'm sure I must be the only one here who feels these two need to work on a project together.
It made me really wish they would do a movie together.
Well, if Iron Man flew far enough/fast enough, could he break the space/time barrier and end up flying into Serenity? :)
And let the Ant-Man speculation begin... But seriously, I really think Nathan could fit it in and be amazing.
Well, I think Mal is way cooler than Iron Man.
Thanks for the link! The episode was great and so was seeing the promo afterwards. And Adam Baldwin's character did not there is the possibility he can return to Castle.
"I'm Captain Hammer... and you're not."

"The iron is my penis."
Thank you! I had to watch "Castle" online, so missed the promo.

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