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April 16 2012

The Avengers rated a '12A' in the UK. Official running time is also 142m 37s.

That was par for the course ratings-wise, I think. It's longer than I thought it would be, though. Not that I'm complaining.
It's the same rating it got here (as in Brazil, I mean). 12.

The running time have mostly been confirmed for a few weeks already, hasn't it? OK, not into seconds specifics, but we knew already it would be about this long.
I'm glad of the 12A, I took my 8 year old to see Cap and Thor in the cinema after seeing them myself (and let my 6 year old watch them later on DVD at home) and it would have been a shame not to be able to take them to Avengers. For those that don't know the "A" means that you can take kids younger than 12 with Adult supervision.
On the runtime, Joss has also announced that the thirty minutes that he cut for release will be on the Blu-Ray.
That's great news!
Joss has said that the movie is about 135 minutes and I guess that it's 7 minutes of credits and after-credits scene.

also: has it gotten an MPAA rating yet? Less than 3 weeks to go before the NA premiere.
^So strange that The Avengers is coming out here next Wednesday, when it's still three weeks away in the US.
Thanks MobileHQ, I was about to ask what a 12A means.

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