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April 17 2012

The Cabin in the Woods climbs to #2 rank in daily box office. Good Monday $1,192,968. Gross so far $15,936,582.

Cabin in 2,811 theaters and The Hunger Games in 3,916 theaters.

Lionsgate is winning so much right now
Yay :) it would make me very happy if Cabin just keeps sweeping the box office. What movie is #3 when it opens and then the very next day climbs to #2? :D I really do think word of mouth is going to make this movie a smash.
To clear up any misunderstanding: cumulatively it is still below The Three Stooges. It's just that for the single-day of Monday, it was second, and the only film other than The Hunger Games to break $1M that day.
But for how long? It is down the least amount in the top ten. I think it will beat Three Stooges soon enough.
Well, Stooges cleaned up over the weekend due to family viewing, there will be less of that during the work week (though it is school vacation week for some kids). So I'm sure CABIN will continue to outperform Stooges through Friday. Frankly though, I don't really see Stooges and CABIN as being in direct competition, they're certainly not fighting over the same audience.
Weekend results in Russia: #5, with $1 035 106 overall gross in 4 days. $2 891 per screen.
Ahhhhh I have honestly missed having something Whedony to check every day for ratings/takings to see whether or not the rest of the world has finally "got it".
I'm with you MobileHQ, I just love checking the daily stats! But b!X is right, CitW is still behind the Stooges in total cash Gross, BUT considering the fact that CitW is R rated and in way fewer theaters, I would think that Lionsgate must be pleased (not regretting giving us our Joss/Drew movie that we begged for on facebook!).

We'll have a whole new competition next weekend, but I noticed that none of those new movies are coming anywhere close to me (all local theaters are keeping the same shows they had last week). Which is kind of disappointing because I think I'd like to see the Chimp movie, but it might be good for CitW. (I Hope).
Someone else pointed out that CitW is doing better per screen than 3Stooges.
(BoxOfficeMojo: $5245 average for 2811 theaters, compared to $4892 average for 3477 theaters.)
Total box office... it is hard for an R-rated horror flick to match up with a PG comedy.

This weekend will be a little more interesting.
Joss (to marketing): "The first weekend is your job, the second weekend is mine."

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Frankly though, I don't really see Stooges and CABIN as being in direct competition, they're certainly not fighting over the same audience.

Aren't they both primarily the young male demographic?

I don't know. I outgrew the Stooges when I was six, and those were the real ones.
It also had the top per theater average for Monday. How swell!

It should be a pretty good weekend for Cabin, because there's new competition, but not a lot of it. The Lucky One is the only real competition, and I haven't seen it advertised that much. I saw an ad for it maybe a week and a half ago, and even then didn't realize that that was what The Lucky One was until last Thursday when I saw a theater preview for it. The other two wide(ish) release movies are both 1800 and fewer screens so... Squee :o)
I've seen it twice, so far - and I've been surprised at how many people have brought their small children (6-10 years old) to see Cabin. I certainly wouldn't - I'd show them the dvd when they got older. But I'm sure even more of them are going to the Stooges movie.
Stupid question, but when they calculate the upcoming weekend box office, what happens to the weekday earnings from Mon-Thurs. I guess I never really thought about that before. Normally, I see what the weekend box office was and that they add it on to the overall total.
Tuesday is another second place for Cabin and once again has the highest per theater average of the top 10 for the day.
What is also nice about the Tuesday's numbers (1.3M) - they climbed 9.6% comparing to Monday's ones. More often, Thuesday numbers drop. So we have a positive anomaly :)
Monday through Thursday will still show up in the cumulative number, bloomyself.
The increase was nice, but I didn't mention it because it's the second lowest increase of the top 10... Still, any increase is a good increase
FWIW, with Cabin pulling in $1M+ each day Monday and Tuesday (second place for each day), its opening weekend of being $3M behind Stooges has been cut in half to an opening week of around $1.5M behind Stooges.

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Hopefully the film is at 20 million by the end of the week and can gross another 5 million during the weekend bringing it up to 25 million.
This is great to see. Cabin in the Woods is going to do really well when you consider lifetime box-office and eventual DVD and blu-ray sales.

I will be surprised if this film doesn't have legs on DVD.
I'm gonna go bold and predict 30M by the end of the weekend... maybe 32.
In one-day take news, Cabin was 2nd again on 4/18, again with more than $1M. It's now only $1.2M behind The Three Stooges. It was the only movie on 4/18 other than The Hunger Games to break $1M for that day. For each of the three days after opening weekend (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), Cabin had the highest per-theater average out of the top ten movies that day.

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Too quick for me b!X ;op

The Link

Also 7th place day-day drop off compared to yesterday's 9th place day-day increase... so... that's a plus. (*out of the top 10)
In one-day take news, The Cabin in the Woods was second place again on Thursday, with just under $1M. Total now $19.2M heading into week two. It ends its first week of release down to only $925,000 behind The Three Stooges, which beat it opening weekend by $3M.

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