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April 18 2012

Help release 'The Cabin in the Woods' in Sweden. At present it looks like Cabin in the Woods will not be shown in Swedish cinemas but go directly to DVD. A Swedish SF bookstore has reacted to this by creating a Facebook page to promote relase of the film. It's in Swedish, but I think you will get the gist of it...

Good initiative. Not sure it will help, but it certainly can't make it worse.
There is at least a chance it might help in this case because Cabin is doing so well, and because both the company who owns the Swedish rights (Noble Entertainment) and the cinema owners (SF) are already well aware of the campaign, and SF seems willing to help convince Noble. Swedes: please contribute your opinions on their respective Facebook pages! Others: if it's not against your beliefs, please "like" the page linked above.
That page includes a link to a review on io9. The final picture in that review is of the see-through mirror scene. It occurred to me that -- in the vein of Cabin being 'meta' -- this scene illustrate 5 levels of viewing, simultaneously:
1. We are watching the movie.
2. We are watching the Control Room (via the movie)
3. The Control Room is watching Jesse (via cameras)
4. Jesse is watching Dana (through the mirror)
5. Dana is watching herself (in the mirror)

Sorry this is off-topic for the initial thread, but I got to the idea via the linked Swedish facebook page.

I doubt anything will happen, but I liked anyway.

Otherwise, when can we expect the DVD?
If your efforts fail, you can always come on over to Norway -- it seems we'll be showing it here, starting around May 10th... :D
I'm Swedish, and I've already stated on SF's and Noble's Facebooks that I've been waiting for this movie since 2008, and now I've said the same on this one.
OK, Norway it is, unless it's still showing in London when I go there the same weekend... Somebody had asked Noble, and they said the DVD might come out in August. It will be hard to stay unspoiled until then.
I have supported my (semi-)neighbors. Finland is also a possibility, it will open there this Friday.

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Hmm... doesn't Whitford's character say "the Swedes suck"? (It's part of a rant, and not meant to be taken seriously.) I'm wondering if someone is being petty.

Then again, if they are dubbing the film, just make the control room in Sweden and talk about how the people in the US suck.
OneTeV: We don't dub movies here. Unless they're for kids. Which this one's not, from what I understand. I for one would not be offended by such a joke. But some people might. Those people are called idiots.

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So, Cabin will be shown in Finland, Denmark and Norway but not in Sweden? These are strange times...

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