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"Do you two need to be alone, or can we get to the ouchies?"
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April 18 2012

Joss is one of io9's "Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres". Alongside Anne Rice, Terry Gillam, Philip K. Dick, and a whole bunch of other auteurs is our fearless leader.

Though I still don't totally buy Xander = Topher.

Firefly was "goofy"?
@UnpluggedCrazy: Yeah, there was that, too. I guess it had its goofy moments, but...really?
Really impressive company to be amongst.

ETA: Terry Pratchett should be on the list.

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Regarding's not a perfect metaphor. But, yeah, they do share a lot of traits, particularly early-Buffy-Xander. A near constant stream of often inappropriate humor. Very geeky reference pool (though that could be said of most Whedon characters). They're both definitely misfit-among-misfit characters.

I wouldn't define Firefly as "goofy", but it often was. A thousand adjectives could be used, and they're all appropriate!
A lot of people call Firefly "goofy" and similar, I think. It's humorous, something generally absent from a lot of space opera. Doesn't mean it's bad though.
Any list that includes Whedon, Vonnegut and Douglas Adams on it is a fantastic list. Joss is Joss, Vonnegut is my favorite author and Douglas Adams wrote my favorite series of books. Honorable mention to Frank Miller because, regardless of what he has done since, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300 are three of the greatest comic series of all time.
I think certain aspects of Firefly could be called "goofy" but I personally wouldn't describe the series as a whole that way.
Yes. Very impressive company indeed.

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