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April 18 2012

Joss Whedon's Custom Avenger's Diorama Video. This custom designed and built case (by GeekBox, Lance Sawyers, Prop.) was commissioned as a gift to Joss by the stunt crew (I believe Sam Hargrave,

Captain America's stunt double, knows Lance at Geek Box) and presented to him on the last day of shooting in Cleveland. By all reports he freakin' loved it.

From what I understand, it is now the first thing you see when you get off of the elevator at Joss' office. Lance had to keep this video under wraps until the identity of the villain was exposed, but this video was a HUGE hit at the 2011 NYComicCon.

I took this video just moments before the finished piece was crated up and shipped. I assure you, it's even more impressive in person. Lance specializes in this sort of thing.

And you should see the new Iron Man "Hall of Armor" display case . . .

Love the ads for Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. Although if you took this video, I assume this violates self-linking.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2012-04-18 19:33 ]
My hand was on it, but it wasn't my phone. And the video belonged to Lance. Sorry if I offended anyone . . .
I wouldn't worry about it. It's fine with me. Nice write-up btw.
Poor Spidey! I guess we know now what his cameo would have looked like...
No Stan Lee?
Cool, I just wish they had video of Joss getting it and geeking out over it!
There are more pictures at the official Facebook-page.
Joss is in one picture!

An alternative for Facebook-phobic people! There are two pictures with Joss.

[ edited by roadi on 2012-04-19 03:41 ]
An alternative for Facebook-phobic people! There are two pictures with Joss.

Well, I edited the link into the comment above. I kinda didn't notice the edit-link. So, this comment is needless now and could be deleted... please!?

[ edited by roadi on 2012-04-19 03:44 ]

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