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April 18 2012

(SPOILER) First Australian Review: The Avengers is bang for buck. Contains a small plot spoiler, especially if you haven't seen the trailer, but otherwise it is a very positive review on The Avengers. Contains much praise for Joss' work on the writing and direction of the film.

I liked this comment:

It is not often you can say this, but The Avengers is one $200 million-plus event flick where not a single cent has been wasted.

Two thoughts:

1. This reputation will help Joss in future discussions with studio execs since they always care about good use of their budgets. Of course, after the runaway success of The Avengers Joss probably won't need help with the studio execs!

2. His work on indies like Dr. Horrible has taught him to stretch every dollar. So when the number of dollars you have to spend is 200 Million... it goes a long way.
Oh, man, this is getting me excited. For some reason, I have anticipated Avengers far less than Cabin--I guess since it's not Joss's world originally--but this review has gotten me all pumped up again.
I'm not going to read it, but the bullet points up top are perfect.
I read it and indeed it makes me more excited to see it! so excited. Only a week away for me! Still debating whether or not to go to the midnight screening.
Didn't know if I should post this as its own story, but according to a poll by fandango, The Avengers is the most highly anticipated movie of the summer. This is very interesting, especially how highly it ranked on the women's list.

Men’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1. “The Avengers” 31%
2. “The Dark Knight Rises” 23%
3. “The Bourne Legacy” 14%
4. “Men in Black 3” 8%
5. “Prometheus” 7%

Women’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1. “Snow White and the Huntsman” 22%
2. “The Avengers” 16%
3. “Men in Black 3” 13%
4. “The Dark Knight Rises” 10%
5. “Dark Shadows” 8%

I fully anticipate that this rapturous review is the first of many and that soon Joss will have all the nice things.
"THE AVENGERS opens next Wednesday"

KHAAAAN! /jealous
I suspect that Fandango's list is being biased by the recent marketing push for the Avengers (while DKR and Prometheus will ramp up closer to release time). But still good to see.
What Jobo said. I was way more excited about Cabin, but now I'm excited about this! Also, can we just have a new Joss project EVERY month from now on? Cos this is great.
Remember the halcyon days of new Joss content multiple times a week? yeah.
I have to take a not-Joss-centric moment and just say...

Man, what a summer of movies. Actually more appropriately, what a year of movies.
^ Agreed! First year in a long time it's the actual mega-budget blockbusters I'm most interested in seeing. Can't remember the last time that happened. Usually it's only a couple of flicks a year until Oscar time rolls around.

But on the other hand 2013 is looking pretty grim. :\
I haven't thought ahead much to 2013, but I can imagine it wouldn't much matter, any year would have to look grim right after this one. One thing I do know, is I'm intrigued by Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters that comes out in 2013... I don't know a lot about it, I'm just interested, and wish it was coming out this year to add to Jeremy Renner's year. (By that token, I wish the recent MI movie came out a month later to fit into 2012...but it was still in theaters, so it counts...right??)

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