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April 18 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon finally talks Cabin In The Woods spoilers. Joss talks about whether he thinks a sequel is possible and the reason for a certain surprise.

Prequel prequel prequel. Prequel.

Or giant evil Gods sequel.
EIther one, I want more Cabin. I can't stop thinking about this crazy fucking movie.
That is a good, albeit short, interview... but I LOVE the Spoiler Supreme Court!
Any sequel or prequel would be welcome. Love, love, love the film. I'm about 80 pages into the novelization, and plan to go back to the theater as soon as I finish.

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Is the novelization any good? I considered buying it, but sometimes I feel like book adaptations of films are as bad as film adaptations of books.
A prequel makes more sense, probably a crossover with Game of Thrones. The only way we could have a sequel is if the Giant Evil Gods are barely six-feet-four, but still violent and angry, especially if anyone says "hey, they're making another Resident Evil movie". They apparently want something different finally.
Well, "Cloverfield" may *be* the sequel. Nobody said what the different giant evil gods look like. Maybe one of them is a huge dinosaurish thing shedding smaller monsters.
Not to shatter anyone's dreams but Drew said at the advance screening he has no desire to do another CITW movie, he likes the idea of just this movie existing as everything nowadays is supposed to be a franchise. Though I'm sure if Joss came to him with a fantastic idea he'd change his mind.
Well, maybe somebody else will come along in a few years and do a reboot :-P
The Dark Horse mini-series was supposed to be prequel stories and I doubt we'll ever see the manga either :(.
I loved this movie so much, but I really do not want a sequel or a prequel, it's perfect how it is now.
The sequel would probably need to change genres.
Something like "teenage comedy in a post-apocalyptic demon-controlled future", or "How I Met Your One-Armed Shotgun Wielding Mother".
Sorry not to see the manga either - I met the writer who was supposed to do it and he seemed enthusiastic and inventive (and an overall decent person). On the one hand, I don't think Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard seriously want a sequel. On the other hand, "Cabin" is being released by Lionsgate, a studio that is very much in the horror sequel business (they went to "Saw 7" before calling it a day on that franchise), so it will be interesting to see what happens if "Cabin" is deemed a moneymaker.
I wonder if it would be possible to build a film around exactly what went down at the other locations around the world (or just one of them), dovetailed with the action at the Cabin, now seen only on their screens?

Eh, probably not.
I don't know - I might like to see how the little Japanese girls turned the evil spirit thingy into a harmless frog. Not sure that could be an entire movie by itself though...
I'm 40 pages from the end of the novelization (ooh, I wonder how it will end? J/k) and it's kept my interest. No huge revelations, although there are a few expanded scenes and dialog, a few more jokes and some insight into what the characters are thinking. Might not be awesome to everyone but it's the first time I've torn through a 300 page book in 3 days in decades.

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