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April 19 2012

(SPOILER) Five star review for The Cabin in the Woods in Dutch quality newspaper. "No horror movie will ever be the same."

Yeah, read this in the paper on my way to work. Made me happy.
Please mark as spoiler, some light spoilers for dutch people who haven't seen it yet :)
That's awesome, they're usually really critical about almost everything.
Well, I have noticed a slight uptick in ratings in the last few years, for this paper. I think they're trying to be a bit more positive. Still though: maximum score is not that bad ;)

By the way, for those Dutch whedonesquers interested in more reviews, here's the link to our version of rottentomatoes, called 'popcornmeter'. All of the 7 Dutch language reviews there have so far been positive, so it currently has a 100% score - not bad ;).
To be fair the Spits being positive could also be called negative. Ugh, what a rag that is.
Thought I would share...

I don't know Dutch so I did a babelfish translation of the linked page and got the following amusing translation:

Director: Drew god-hovered
@StalwartTrue - Yeah. I learned that babelfish doesn't speak Dutch much better than I do.
I'd agree, Pretty_Hate_Machine - they nearly never actually write their own content, and just reprint what the press bureaus offer them. But their movie reviews are usually not that bad - they have good, well-known Dutch critics writing them. (Robbert Blokland, for instance, is a pretty well-respected Dutch critic).
Ah, that's good I guess. I honestly didn't know their movie reviews weren't part of the jigsaw strategy with which the rest of the paper is compiled, GVH . I honestly don't bother reading anything in there anymore, because I can't get beyond the terrible recycled articles no one else clearly wanted (and for good reason).
StalwartTrue, LOVE the bablefish translation of the page. Especially if I picture it being read aloud by Yoda. *giggles* Thank you!
I've seen enough bad movies and TV shows to know that "nothing will ever be the same again" is usually followed by business entirely as usual. Hopefully CitW will give other filmmakers encouragement to push the envelope.
Indeed, I love bad translations, and that was priceless.

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