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April 19 2012

Alan Sepinwall's Top Ten Shows in FOX History. One of Joss' shows comes in on the list. Can you guess which one? (hint: it starts with 'F' and ends in 'irefly').

There's also a less charitable list of the 20 most annoying TV characters that features a few Whedon-y related entries.

Firefly. Not only the best in FOX history, but also in television history.
Poor Dawn, the kid can never catch a break.
Andy Richter Controls the Universe & The Chicago Code also were great FOX shows. Sadly they also were cancelled way before their time. Luckily these great FOX shows are quite often revived in other venues. Really looking forward to the upcomming new Arrested Development season.
Quite often? Huh?
Eve though Alan has placed that show about browncoats in the top ten I will be shocked if Fox concurs in its special Sunday.

I also saw that "most annoyiong" list. Too bad Michaelle Trachtenberg is in that list twice. Just remember she is capable of other roles, like when she was a foul-mouthed pop star on "Six Feet Under."
I never really understood the hate for Kennedy. Sure, she's nowhere near as great as Tara was, but that is a ridiculous expectation to hold. Maybe people would have liked her more if she'd had more time to be developed.
Good to see Brisco, Parker Lewis and Futurama all made the honorable mention list. However, there was a SEVERE lack of Get A Life!

Also looking forward to the new Arrested Development series!
As much as Fox has canceled so many loves of my life, I do kind of want to give them credit for taking a chance on some of them in the first place. (Like while I was pleased to See Andy Richter Controls the Universe, I'd also like to have seen Wonderfalls on that list of honorable mentions.)

And I misclicked so for a moment I was utterly baffled how Simpsons didn't end up topping the list. I still don't get how there are hypothetically 12 slides on this when only one is an honorable mention one.
Great list. Save for The OC. That show always struck me more as a guilty pleasure soap, than quality TV from what I've seen of it. Not necessarily Top 10 of All-Time worthy. I do wish it was replaced with Andy Richter or Futurama. Both of them are definitely more worthy. Or hell, even 90210 for being the show that started that entire teen soap genre.

Also Wonderfalls and The Inside. Although short-lived and have never really achieved cult-status (still so angry about The Inside never being released on DVD) they were both pretty fascinating shows and also rank among my favorites.

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How can Profit not even merit an honorable mention? I know it was canceled quickly back in the mid-90s, but after watching the dvd box set, I thought it was an all-time classic that was way ahead of its time. I still think that way. Has this guy even seen Profit?
IrrationaliTV wrote:
Quite often? Huh?

Well you're right, that was a silly formulation. I was thinking of Firefly, Futurama, Family Guy, and now Arrested Development, but that's only 4 times, so that's really not so often.

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(still so angry about The Inside never being released on DVD) - Ditto. That ticks me off to no end - also, the apparent likelihood that Terriers won't get a dvd treatment (at least not that I've heard, lately). I'd love to see a Tim Minear dvd set of The Inside, Terriers and Drive.
They should throw in The Chicago Code too.
I miss The Inside, you can see some of the influence on Dollhouse.
Brimstone was another FOX show that should have been around a lot longer than it was. I believe Space: Above and Beyond was also a FOX show, wasn't it? So very good! And Millennium managed to squeeze three seasons out of them but it had so much more story to tell. Such a great series.

I'd like to be able to say that FOX were wrong about canceling The Lone Gunmen too... but they weren't... ;)
Groo! Yes, by all means, add The Chicago Code, as well! I'm getting the feeling there's a conspiracy against Tim. Other than Wonderfalls (and now American Horror Story), nothing else he's done (away from Joss) has gotten a DVD release. It's so disappointing that all those incredible shows are unavailable when so much complete crap is put on DVD all the time.
it starts with 'F' and ends in 'irefly'


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