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April 20 2012

Superheroes movies like The Avengers should not be scorned. Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, has written a great article for The Guardian explaining why he feels superhero movies should not be overlooked.

That has got to be the most erudite self-promotion I've ever read. Not that I begrudge it as self-promotion, mind you, but given the timing that's exactly what it is. It's also worth noting that he prominently mentions two DC heroes, and without such mentions the piece would have been transparently commercial. The selection of superheroes he references feels genuine and non-commercial, which makes it seem all that much more honest.
Oh that's good! Smart commentary. I think there's room in the world for a sense of "Hey, We did good work here - please don't dismiss it as fluffy nonsense" from actors in genre films.

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I think the last line is the most weirdly promotional part. I still liked it though. How dare an actor do some press!
I really enjoyed reading that. Thoughtful and interesting, and since the Guardian's own review is one of the less fanboyish, I've no problem with a guest spot fanboy self-promoting on the side. :)
That is an excellent article, clearly Tom Hiddleston is thoughtful, intelligent and proud of his work. I can see no down side to reminding people that Larger than Life Mythology has always been a huge part of the belief systems of all humans, and the comic book heroes are part of that tradition.
I was kind of annoyed that he didn't really mention women at all, not women superheroes per se but this part:

"It's the everyday stuff of every man's life, and we love it."

And the "fathers and sons" bit, yeah cus there were no mothers or daughters or sisters in ancient pantheons...

I realise I will have to let go of this gender shaped bone at some point in my life.
Mmm... Gender-shaped bone...

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