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April 20 2012

The Avengers Assemble in Shepherds Bush. GQ lets us in on 10 things they learned at the UK premiere of The Avengers.

Empire also have a report from the premiere that includes photos and a video of interviews with the cast. As do Hey U Guys and Total Film.

I read this as "The Avengers Assemble in Shepherd Book" and thought it was either an article about how Book somehow embodied all the characters, or else the Avengers were very tiny and doing a "Fantastic Voyage"-style mission. Then I reread the headline.
Ugh, GQ. Not my favourite magazine. On the other hand, Shepherds Bush is just one of those placenames that make anything better. Also, thanks to Tom Hiddleston, I now have "Every villain is a hero in his own mind" to the tune of "Everyone's a hero in their own way" in my head.

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